The following were among actions taken by the Alexandria Board of Architectural Review, Old and Historic District Panel, at its Jan. 6 meeting. For further information, call 838-4666.

The following requests were approved:

KING ST., 1008 1/2 -- By Ludmila Raskova to hang on a two-story brick building a 29-by-36 inch hanging wood sign that will read "European Skin Care By Ludmila." 5 to 0.

LEE ST. S., 728 -- By James and Bonnye Manfredi to construct on the rear of a two-story brick town house a 26-by-18 foot, three-story, wood rear addition. 3 to 1.

QUEEN ST., 607 -- By Russ Witt and Charles Richards to construct a two-story, 10-by-13 foot, brick addition on the rear of a two-story brick town house. 5 to 0.

ROYAL ST. N., 112 -- By William Dougherty to hang on a five-story brick building an 8-inch by 8-foot sign of plastic lettering that will read "The Gem Lab." 5 to 0.

UNION ST. S., 103 -- By James A. Tischler to hang on a three-story brick building a flag of Switzerland and a 3-by-2 foot hanging wood sign that will read "Pfister Swiss Chocolates." 5 to 0. The following requests were deferred for further study:

FAIRFAX ST. N., 212 -- By Richard Schoppet to construct on a two-story wood house two dormers on the front and one dormer on the back.

KING ST., 726 -- By R.C. Bhalla to remove black tile and restore the brick on a two-story brick building, and to erect a canvas awning across the front first floor of the building.