As a resident of Montgomery County for almost 40 years, I am constantly amazed at the snow job County Executive Sidney Kramer is offering us on how new roads will allow for lifting ceilings and moratoriums on newe developments. I'm not sure what game plan he is using, but I wish he would come into the world of reality -- or at least sit in the traffic. If these are "the roads that are now in place to accommodate more construction," then Mr. Kramer has blinders on or has been listening to too many developers' PR firms.

The roads that are being planned and built now will, according to former county executive Chrles Gilchrist (on WRC-TV's "Newsforum"), offer temporary relief and catch us up to the early 1970s.

The new buildings in Bethesda aren't even full, and some still haven't been built. In Silver Sporing everything is in the planning stage, yet there is gridlock all around. Does this mean supergridlock from Four Corners to Silver Spring, from Silver Spring to Bethesda, from Rockville to Chevy Chase and from Germantown to the District?

If Mr. Kramer and the county council don't get out of their ivory towers and adjust their thinking, we will rust in our cars. We had a nice quality of life in Montgomery County. I'd hate to see more of it destroyed by mini-Manhattans and noisy, polluted, traffic-choked roads.