The Bowie City Council is seeking one resident to serve as a member the city's Civic Affairs Committee and two residents to serve on its Heritage Committee.

Responsibilities of the 13-member Civic Affairs Committee include promoting community enrichment in the cultural arts and improving the city's landscape. The 11-member Heritage Committee will focus on preserving the aesthetics of city properties. Both committees advise the council.

Residents may call the city clerk's office at 262-6200 for information, or send a resume to the City Council, c/o City Clerk, 2614 Kenhill Dr., Bowie, Md. 20715.


Riverdale Mayor Moreland Perkins resigned his post at last Monday's Town Council meeting after what he described as "seven months of hell."

In a prepared statement, read after the meeting by his wife, Desiree, Perkins listed his reasons for resigning as "interminable hostility, obstruction, ugliness, abuse, verbal and physical harassment and attack," by some members of the Riverdale Council.

Last month, Perkins, a former University of Maryland philosophy professor who took office in May, and council member Terence M. Sheehan filed charges against each other after a discussion in the mayor's town hall office reportedly turned to shoving.

The council has appointed Deputy Mayor Edna F. Wade, a former Prince George's County elementary school teacher, to replace Perkins for the remainder of the two-year term. TOWN OF UNIVERSITY PARK

The University Park Town Council voted unanimously last month to close the city's 44th Avenue bridge to motorists, but to keep it open for pedestrian traffic.

The bridge, thought to be built in the 1920s, is in need of extensive repair, according to Town Secretary Margaret Mallino. She said the bridge had received low safety ratings from both a consultant hired by the town and a state consultant.

"It was a question of replacing the bridge or closing the bridge," Mallino said.

The bridge closing will not take effect until signs and barricades have been erected, Mallino said.

Several alternate routes are available for motorists on 44th Avenue traveling between East West Highway and Queens Chapel Road or Rte. 1, including Underwood and Sheridan streets, she said. -- By Portia Williams