Prince William County

The following actions were taken at the Jan. 5 meeting of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. For more information, call 335-6600.

MAJOR GOALS -- County Executive Robert S. Noe Jr., addressing the first meeting of the newly elected Board of Supervisors, called for an increase in the tax rate and urged that bonds be issued to alleviate the financial "pain" county services could endure in the coming years -- primarily from transportation problems.

"We have been able to buy virtually everything the board wanted in the last eight years. We can't do that anymore," Noe said at press conference before he presented the supervisors with a document titled "Major Issues," a guide to challenges facing the county in the next four years.

In addition to financial problems, the 57-page document cited 35 issues in 11 areas that should concern the new board, including grappling with transportation and land use problems as population grows in the county.

With about 200,000 residents, Prince William is the second-largest Northern Virginia county. Planners predict the population will rise to more than 240,000 by 1990 and to almost 300,000 by the turn of the century.

Noe said the county must raise the real estate tax above its current rate of $1.30 per $100 of assessed value to provide better police, fire and social services. And the county must sell bonds in November and again in 1990, he said, to pay for pressing road improvements and expansion of county facilities.

Historically, both transportation and county facility improvements have not gotten strong support from residents. In recent years voters have rejected most proposed bond sales. As for taxes, county officials believe residents are more inclined to support a tax decrease, as the board did last year. In 1987, real estate taxes were cut by 12 cents from $1.42 per $100 of assessed value.

Noe's issues document also has raised concerns about the quality and funding of volunteer fire services, which he said vary widely around the county. Tax rates for the 13 fire service tax districts in the county range from 3.2 cents to 8 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Other issues raised by the document include: A lack of resident participation in government. The document suggests the county conduct annual opinion surveys and hold more evening public meetngs to elicit community feedback. The recurring problem of where to place unpopular county facilities such as landfills. The document makes no recommendations. The inability of the county to keep pace with its highway needs. The document suggests the continued pursuit of additional local and state funding through selling bonds and establishing toll roads.

LANDFILL ISSUE REVISITED -- Calling the previous board's action last month to slightly expand the county's only sanitary landfill "hasty," the newly elected board decided to reconsider the issue.

The old board approved issuing $3.4 million in revenue notes, borrowing money from a bank, to allow a limited expansion of the landfill south of Powells Creek in Independent, Hill at the eastern end of the county.

The new board voted 6 to 1 to reconsider the expansion, with new Supervisor Terrence Spillane (I-Coles) dissenting because he said he was concerned that reopening the issue might mean expansion of the landfill north of Powells Creek, which he opposes.

The following requests for special use permits were unanimously approved:

BRENTSVILLE ROAD AND BRADLEY FOREST DRIVE -- By John Wyatt for Calvary Gospel Church to validate a church in a residence that was once a one-room school. A special use permit is required to operate a church in an area zoned for residential use. Brentsville District.

DALE BLVD., 4303 -- By Byung Kang to operate a school for martial arts. A special use permit is required for a commercial recreational activity. Neabsco District.

DALE BLVD., 4323 -- By Cecil D. Hylton to continue operating a health spa conditionally approved for five years. A special use permit is required for a commercial recreational activity. Neabsco District.

DELANO DR., 14704 -- By Nancy J. Caprara to continue operating a beauty salon in a residence conditionally approved for three years. Neabsco District.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3800 -- By Charles and Jacqueline Leopold to continue operating a child care facility for five years subject to the following conditions: It may have no more than 75 children, aged three-weeks to 12 years. It may have a maximum staff of 12. It may be open only between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Neabsco District.

GORDON BOULEVARD AND DEVILS REACH ROAD -- By Shell Oil Co. to convert a vehicle repair garage in a gasoline service station into a quick-service food store subject to operating conditions. Occoquan District.

GORDON BOULEVARD AND JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY -- By Amoco Oil Co. to operate a gasoline service station and a quick-service food store. Occoquan District.

NATHAN CT., 7238 -- By Mom's House of Iron to operate a gymnasium and exercise club. A special use permit is required for a commercial recreational activity. Brentsville District.

NEW MARKET CT, 7228-7230 -- By Parviz Youssefi to operate a gymnastics school for children, ages 2 through 16. A special use permit is required for a commercial recreational activity. Brentsville District.

The following requests for amendments to previously prescribed conditions were approved:

JOHN MARSHALL HIGHWAY ADJACENT TO GAINESVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -- By Mae C. Kabboul to permit independent business offices on 5.1 acre property zoned for industrial use. 7 to 9. Gainesville District.

SMOKETOWN ROAD SOUTH OF DAVIS FORD ROAD -- By Public Storage, Inc. to lift restrictions on development of a self-storage center on a six-acre property zoned for general business. A special use permit to allow operating the center also was approved. 7 to 0. Occoquan District.

The following rezoning requests were approved:

MINNIEVILLE ROAD EAST OF HEREFORD ROAD -- By James Williams to rezone 2.2 acres from agricultural to low-rise office use. 7 to 0. Neabsco District.

SUDLEY ROAD EAST OF IMPALLA DRIVE -- By Thomas and Kaye Johnson to rezone three tenths of an acre from agricultural to low-rise office use. 7 to 0. Brentsville District.