When Henry Hall of Parkdale is serious about playing basketball, he is one of the most dangerous three-point shooters in the area.

"He can shoot from anyplace on the court once he crosses the 10-second line," said Parkdale Coach Charles Thompson. "The three-point line doesn't phase him at all because that is where he shoots from."

Hall, a senior, came to Thompson's team as a confident sharpshooter.

"He was shooting anywhere from 3 to 5 feet behind where the three-point line is now," Thompson said.

Although he scores many of his points on driving layups, successful three-point shots are a heavy contributor to Hall's scoring average.

The senior went into this week's games averaging more than 30 points a game to lead all Prince George's County players. In a typical Hall outing, he scored 23 points and made three three-pointers as Parkdale defeated county rival High Point, 80-77, Dec. 15.

"I had shot a lot from that distance last year and I only got two points for it," said Hall. "This year when I began playing with the line at this distance, I was amazed that I was getting three points for this easy shot."

Hall's primary problems this season have been disciplinary. He was suspended for three of Parkdale's first seven games for missing school and practice.

But when he's on the floor, the 5-foot-11 Hall has been a pest to many county rivals because of his scoring ability. He has scored at least 25 points in most his games.

"He has had a lot of great games," said Thompson. "When you are averaging more than 30 points a game, there are few games that are poor because most of your games are good."

Perhaps more than anything, it has been Hall's athletic ability that has made him such a successful basketball player.

"Henry Hall is an outstanding athlete," said Thompson. "He could have been one of the finest football players in the county, but he didn't play because he was afraid to hurt himself and not be able to play basketball."