The District of Columbia Board of Zoning Adjustment made the following decisions on requests for variances and special exceptions to zoning laws at its Jan. 6 meeting. For more information, call 727-6311.


Q ST., 3038 -- Granted the request of The Church of Two Worlds to open a child development center for 20 students in a residential zone.

ARIZONA AVE., 2830 -- Denied the request of Gladys Antazana to build an addition to a house.

FIFTH ST., 925 -- Granted the request of Tony Cheng for a variance from parking requirements for a restaurant seating 299 in a commercial zone.

17TH ST., 500-530 -- Granted the request of the Board of Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art to build an office building on the museum grounds.

24TH ST., 1250 -- Denied the appeal of William and Philip Brown and B & W Management to force the Kaempfer Co. to remove paint from a brick office building and replace green-tinted glass with clear glass. The Browns, owners of the property, had agreed to allow renovation of the 62-year-old building under the condition that Kaempfer retain the original facade. Kaempfer painted the original facade off-white. By denying the appeal, the board ruled that the paint can stay on the building and the windows can remain.


E ST., 501 -- Granted the request of Mount Jezreel Baptist Church to convert a church to an apartment house in a residential zone.

FOURTH ST., 4005 -- Denied the request of Roy Stuart to open a community residential facility less than 500 feet from a similar facility in a residential zone.