A D.C. Superior Court grand jury indicted a man yesterday who police said assaulted three women after telling them he had AIDS.

Donald J. Hatch, 39, was charged in the 13-count indictment with rape while armed, kidnaping while armed, armed robbery, sodomy and assault with intent to commit rape while armed.

Hatch, who has been found in court-ordered tests not to have the AIDS virus, was ordered held without bond in November.

At the November hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Howse said that, in one incident, Hatch had jumped into a car near Howard University, pricked his arm with a needle and told a woman in the car that he had AIDS. According to Howse, Hatch then told the woman that he would prick her with the needle if she did not submit to his demands.

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a fatal disease transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids.

At the time of Hatch's arrest, D.C. authorities thought it would be the first local application of criminal laws to AIDS-related crimes. In other states, AIDS patients who tried to spread the disease have been prosecuted for attempted murder.

During one of the alleged assaults in October, police said, a woman escaped from Hatch's car by grabbing his face and forcing him to crash. In another incident, police said Hatch forced a woman to drive to an alley, where he raped her and forced her to perform oral sodomy.