A composite drawing of a man with heavy acne scars, released in November as part of the investigation of the 1986 slaying of Stafford County, Va., real estate agent Jacqueline Lard, has drawn more than 300 calls from people volunteering information in the case.

There is still no primary suspect, but William Healey, the Drug Enforcement Administration officer assigned to a task force formed to find the killer, said some people are still under investigation.

"We are running down every lead," and investigators have gone as far as New York and Florida in recent months, Healey said.

Lard, a 40-year-old mother of two and the wife of a DEA agent, disappeared from her Stafford County office on Nov. 14, 1986. Two days later, her body was found, beaten and strangled, in a secluded area of Woodbridge. Authorities say they do not believe that her slaying had anything to do with her husband's work.

Two witnesses told of seeing the man pictured in the drawings, who is believed to be in his midtwenties, heavyset and about six feet tall, in the vicinity of the seldom-used dirt and gravel dead-end road where Lard's body was found.