Richard Howard Day, who had been charged with murder in a drug-related shooting in which football player Derrick Fenner had been implicated, pleaded guilty yesterday in Prince George's Circuit Court to being an accessory after the fact to first-degree murder.

In May, Day, 31, of Northwest Washington, drove a group of men to and from the Kirkwood Apartments complex in Hyattsville, where the group -- allegedly involved in a dispute over illegal drug distribution turf -- shot and killed a man and wounded a teen-ager, according to Assistant State's Attorney Mary Scherstrom.

Day drove the group from the complex at 2717 Nicholson St. knowing that someone had been shot, Scherstrom said.

And he took weapons allegedly used in the slaying and hid them behind a plumbing panel in the bathroom of his home, she said.

Several weeks after the shootings at the apartments, Day was shot and seriously wounded, allegedly for testifying about the incident before a county grand jury, according to court records.

One of Day's codefendants in the Kirkwood shootings, Lorenzo Hazel, 20, was among three people charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting Day.

Prosecutors would not comment about whether Day would be a witness in the trial of four other men facing charges of first-degree murder in the shootings at Kirkwood Apartments, which left Marcellus Leach dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

Fenner, the former star athlete at Oxon Hill High School and the University of North Carolina, also was charged with first-degree murder in the Kirkwood shootings.

But last fall prosecutors dropped charges against Fenner after county detectives developed evidence that suggested Fenner was miles away from the apartment complex when the shootings occurred.

Several charges stemming from the shootings at the Kirkwood Apartment complex, including first-degree murder and attempted murder, are pending against Hazel and Tyrone Anthony Davis, 21, both of Oxon Hill; Warren Alonzo Radford, 22, of the District, and Russell Davis Hughes, 21, of Clinton.

Day faces a sentence of from 18 months to five years in prison.

He will be sentenced Feb. 17 by Judge James M. Rea.