The book "Silent Spring" had a profound effect on the use of pesticides in America and around the world. The book "Beaches Are Moving" should have a similar effect on ocean-front development. Obviously, neither Gov. William Donald Schaefer nor The Post has read that book. Otherwise, the governor could not have proposed, nor The Post endorsed, his ill-advised scheme to "nourish" the beach at Ocean City {editorial, Jan. 2}. This total waste of $45 million comes at a time when the governor has proposed to cut the rate of school construction reimbursement in half because the state cannot afford to pay its full obligation. Rather than chiding those wise and farsighted citizens who are opposing the governor's plan for Ocean City, The Post should have supported their efforts.

The governor is proposing to pump sand from the ocean to widen the beach and create new dunes in order to promote new ocean-front development. Years ago I was in Ocean City and was shocked to see developers bulldozing the dunes in order to build condos on the waterline. In his trying to thwart the natural processes at work along the beach, Gov. Schaefer reminds me of the early British king who commanded the tide to obey him. Legend has it that the king learned that even he could not command the tide. It is sad that the governor and The Post have yet to learn this lesson.