In what promises to produce neighborhood controversy, Prince William County school officials are preparing to redraw high school boundary lines in the eastern part of the county.

Administrators have devised four plans to relieve overcrowding at Osbourn Park and Woodbridge high schools. All options affect only Osbourn Park, Woodbridge and Gar-Field.

The school board will choose one of the four options at its meeting Feb. 17.

The boundary changes will affect only ninth graders next fall, and an additional class of upperclassmen each year through 1990. As many as 375 children could be affected next year, or as few as 161, depending on the plan chosen.

Also on the board's agenda in February will be a small change in middle school boundaries as the new Saunders middle school opens on Spriggs Road. Next year, boundaries for the new school will be exactly the same as for the present Saunders school on Cardinal Drive except that children living along Spriggs Road, west of Minnieville Road, will also attend the new school.

In addition, the administration wants to move 130 students from overcrowded Rippon Middle School on Blackburn Road to Fred Lynn on Longview Drive.

School officials anticipate a thorough revamping of middle school boundaries next spring in preparation for a new middle school in Lake Ridge, due to open in September 1989.

The most controversial issue in the high school boundaries is likely to be which neighborhoods go to Gar-Field and which to Woodbridge. Three of the four plans call for pulling all or some of the Marumsco area east of I-95 out of Woodbridge High School and sending those students to Gar-Field. Those plans would also take Old Bridge Estates, Westridge and Springwoods students out of Osbourn Park and send them to Woodbridge.

The result, according to school officials, would be to make each school more socially and economically homogeneous, with Woodbridge being the more affluent of the two. A fourth plan would keep all of old Woodbridge at Woodbridge High School while putting students from Old Bridge, Westridge and Springwoods areas into Gar-Field.

Parents will have a chance to voice their opinions on the boundary changes tonight at 7:30 at Osbourn Park. Next Monday a second parents meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. at Gar-Field. -- Alice Digilio