Tith Plok, the refugee who social workers in Arlington believe has tried twice to walk home to Cambodia, last week was escorted from a mental institution in North Carolina to the Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute in Fairfax County.

Fairfax officials would not discuss his case, citing confidentiality rules. Sowatha Kong, who has assisted Plok and his family in the past, said that Plok "seemed to be fine physically" when she visited him in the Fairfax facility. She said Plok's father, with whom the 27-year-old had lived in Arlington, was "really concerned. He loves his son very much."

Plok first left his Arlington home in 1986 and ended up in jail in El Salvador after authorities there found him wandering the streets with no money or identification.

Kong traveled to the Central American country to escort him back to Arlington, and he subsequently stayed for two months in the mental health institute.

Shortly after his release, he left again. Authorities then located him in a North Carolina mental institution, where he was placed after having been picked up by police. Social and mental health workers have described him as disoriented and traumatized by his relocation from his homeland.

It is unknown how long he will stay in the Fairfax facility.