In an angry letter, Judge Robert Bork has accused Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.) of repeating "slanderous innuendo" about him and misrepresenting a meeting that the two men had hours before the Senate rejected Bork as a Supreme Court nominee.

Bork wrote that Warner's "version of the events . . . is not true in any relevant detail," The Richmond News Leader reported yesterday.

Shortly before the confirmation vote, Warner said in the Senate that the public record was incomplete about "reasons for the volatility of {Bork's} positions and philosophy, particularly in his early career." He also quoted Sen. Howell Heflin (D-Ala.) as saying Bork's life style "indicates a fondness for the unusual, the unconventional and the strange."

Bork, in a four-page reply to an inquiry from a conservative Virginia Republican, Dr. James McClellan of Cumberland County, also challenged Warner's understanding of judicial philosophy.

"Anybody who thinks the judicial philosophy of 'strict constructionism' is somehow comparable to a political philosophy of conservatism or liberalism does not even understand the discussion," Bork said.

Warner said little about the letter, the newspaper reported. "I disagree with some of the observations in his letter, but I have no intention of reopening this matter," Warner said through a spokesman.