Move over, Robin Williams.

Prince William County Supervisor Edwin C. King (D-Dumfries), excited that he now receives the public channel on cable television, wants County Executive Robert S. Noe Jr. to make a daily appearance on Channel 3. His opening line? "Good morning, Prince William."

King offered the idea during a two-day retreat in Fauquier County last weekend attended by the seven supervisors and four top county officials, including Noe. King characterized the proposal, which he unveiled at an earlier Board of County Supervisors meeting, as part of a reach-out-to-the-residents program to better the image of county government.

"We can have Noe be Channel 3's announcer," he said. Impersonating Williams, whose movie "Good Morning, Vietnam" is a box office hit, King said: "We can have Noe say each morning: 'Good morning, Prince William.' "

Supervisor William J. Becker (R-Brentsville) thought the idea had merit, but for another reason. "We'll give them something to shoot at instead of us," he said.As the first annual Prince William Board of County Supervisors bowling tournament fast approached last Friday night in Warrenton, Supervisor Robert L. Cole (D-Gainesville) mapped a strategy: He would psych out the competition by boasting that he was a professional bowler.

His fellow supervisors paid no heed to Cole's remarks about his glorious 10-pin past.

Supervisor William J. Becker (R-Brentsville) was particularly undaunted, bowling 160 to Cole's 104.

"I didn't want to scare these guys off the first time," Cole said, explaining his less-than-stellar performance.

Another bowler, Deputy County Executive Larry Hughes, had a more plausible explanation: "He couldn't throw the ball straight."

The great debate continues over how easy the commute is from Prince William to the District.

Recently the county's Office of Economic Opportunity put out a slide show saying Prince William is 20 minutes from Washington.

Here's another optimistic assessment from "Westridge: The Natural Place to Be," a glossy brochure available at sales offices in the new development:

"Less than 20 minutes from the Capital Beltway, Westridge is also within a few minutes' drive of . . . National Airport."

We'd heard the world is shrinking.