Former council administrator Sam Wynkoop usually comes prepared to speak at Prince George's County council meetings, but at the close of the morning session last week, Wynkoop was caught off guard.

The former top aide to the nine-member council resigned his position of nine years on Jan. 31 to accept a job with the Hallowell Corp. of Gaithersburg.

Wynkoop, who is known for his eloquent way of breaking down issues and providing research for council members, was tongue-tied when Chairman Frank Casula asked Wynkoop to speak on his experiences with the County Council.

"We know it took some doing for you to stomach some of the egos on the present and past councils," Casula told Wynkoop.

"We understand that you're going to make some money that you can't make in government."

Wynkoop, appreciative of

Grapevine items were written by Tracey A. Reeves and the Associated Press. the good wishes, swallowed hard and blurted out:

"You caught me by surprise . . . . You don't know how serious I am when I say the experience I've had here has been an extrordinary one."

A set of false teeth that mysteriously showed up in a state senator's coat pocket has been been claimed by its rightful owner after more than a week on the loose.

Sen. Paula Hollinger (D-Baltimore County) said the set of dentures was mistakenly placed in her trench coat when she was attending a reception at a hotel in Annapolis last week.

Hollinger said she was at a concert in Baltimore later that night when she reached into her pocket for a tissue and, instead, found a napkin with teeth tucked inside.

Hollinger turned over the teeth to the hotel where the reception was held, figuring that it had been a case of a mistaken coats.

But the teeth were not reunited with their owner, a Senate employee, until after a newspaper column appeared Wednesday on the mystery of the teeth.

One of the Senate president's aides notified the owner of the teeth after reading the story.