Trevor A. Hampton, who agreed to become Alexandria's police chief and then changed his mind a week later, was named yesterday as one of three finalists for the top police job in Durham, N.C.

Another of the finalists is James A. Carvino, 53, of Washington, who was passed over for the Alexandria job. Carvino serves as a consultant to the U.S. Justice Department and used to be chief of the U.S. Capitol police. The third finalist is a veteran Durham police officer.

Durham City Manager Orville Powell announced the three finalists yesterday and said he plans to hire a chief by Feb. 12. Powell declined to discuss the candidates in detail, but said that "quite frankly, our only concern with Chief Hampton is the situtation in Alexandria."

Hampton, 41, who is deputy police chief of Columbia, S.C., attended a news conference in Alexandria Jan. 20 and announced that he would start work March 1. But a week later he went to a job interview in Durham without telling Alexandria officials. He withdrew from the Alexandria job Jan. 26.

Hampton said that his wife, a South Carolina native who did not see Alexandria before he took the job there, decided that she did not want to move to an urban area.

Durham officials have said they would like to hire a police chief who is black. Hampton is the only black among the three finalists.