The following were among actions taken at the Jan. 28 meeting of the Columbia Association Council. For more information, call 596-4714.

RECREATION PACKAGE PLAN -- The council heard a proposal to revamp the recreation membership package plan, giving members a price break on memberships by allowing them to decide which recreational facilities they intend to use.

Donna DuPree, marketing director for the Columbia Association, said the proposed plan "serves the interest of all members -- those who want to get memberships to one facility or all of them." The current package plan includes membership to all of the recreational facilities that the Columbia Association operates, including pools, a golf course, athletic clubs, tennis courts and an ice rink. Under the proposed plan, individuals or families could join one facility or create their own package plan of two or three facilities. Members could still purchase the all-inclusive package plan.

As part of the revised plan, rates would be structured around the number of people in a family. The current plan has only one family membership price. The proposed plan "will give smaller families a reduced price," said DuPree. For example, a two or three-member family living in Columbia would pay $426 to use two of the recreational facilites instead of paying the flat package family plan fee of $510.

The new prices would range from $175 for an individual resident pool membership to $828 for a six-person family, full-package plan membership.

The recreation association has about 20,000 members and 7,132 package plan memberships.

The council will vote on the proposed plan at its March 1 meeting. If approved, the plan would go into effect May 1.

OAKLAND RIDGE EASEMENT -- The council gave preliminary approval to Pizza Hut of Maryland to build a storm water management pond in an open area owned by the Columbia Association. The pond, which will cover 14,000 square feet in a 13 1/2-acre lot, is located behind the Pizza Hut corporate office building in Oakland Ridge Industrial Park on Bendix Road north of Rte. 108. The council will make its final decision next month after the company obtains the necessary permits and presents its final plans to the council.