The following was among actions taken at the Thursday's meeting of the Prince George's County Council. For more information, call 952-5182.

GAMBLING RESTRICTIONS -- Charity-run gambling events, such as church and volunteer fire department Las Vegas-style nights, would be restricted under two bills introduced by three council members.

One bill, sponsored by member James M. Herl would allow organizations to operate gambling events three nights a week, but would require the sponsoring group to have been in operation in the county for at least three years.

A competing bill, proposed by members Jo Ann T. Bell and F. Kirwan Wineland, would limit gambling events to twice a month and would increase the county licensing fee from $50 to $100 per event. The two council members say the money made from the fees would be used to pay the county's licensing office to oversee the issuing of gambling permits.

Current law allows county and state charity groups to hold as many gambling events as they like for a fee of $50 a night, but prohibits dice games and cash prizes of more than $1,000. The law places few other restrictions on the events.

The three council members said they introduced the bills following accusations from citizens that some groups were turning gambling events into big-money makers.