Jan. 6, 1985: 22 homeowners in Courtlands neighborhood -- bounded by Fairfax Drive, North 14th, North Barton and North Wayne streets -- agree to sell property in single package for $10 million to Thomas F. Herr's Courchevel Corp. for $125 million residential-retail high-rise community. Twenty other owners of properties on North 14th Street, bounded by North Wayne, North Veitch, do not participate.

July 1985: Twenty Wayne-Veitch homeowners unite to sell to Robert M. Stein. Price: about $14 million to build $190 million hotel-residential complex.

Dec. 19, 1985: Courchevel notifies Barton-Wayne homeowners settlement cannot be reached before contract expires on Dec. 31.

February 1986: 22 Barton-Wayne homeowners sue Courchevel Corp.

July 1986: Arlington judge orders Courchevel Corp. to pay Barton-Wayne homeowners $250,000 posted in earnest money for breaking contract.

Barton-Wayne homeowners later agree to sell to Nordheimer Brothers Co., but deal falls through by fall -- hamstrung from outset by Courchevel's appeal of suit it lost against homeowner Myrtle W. Melnick, who refused to sell her house to National Athletic Advisors, a District firm to whom Courchevel had sold its contract with Melnick.

December 1986: Barton-Wayne homeowners complete $10.5 million deal to sell properties to developer Zimpel/Silverstein Inc., are never paid.

December 1986: $14 million deal proposed by developer Robert M. Stein to purchase Wayne-Veitch properties from the owners, by then numbering 21, collapses when developer does not meet contract.

Summer 1987: Wayne-Veitch homeowners file several suits against Stein and Merrill Lynch Realty, who had acted as their broker.

December 1987: Moyarta Corp. assembles 2 1/2-block parcel, agrees to pay Barton-Wayne and six Wayne-Veitch homeowners about $20 million for properties.