Fairfax County

The following were among actions taken by the Fairfax County School Board at its Jan. 28 meeting. For more information, call 246-2991.

AIDS POLICY -- The board approved a schedule for public hearings and adoption of policies for dealing with students and school employees with AIDS and the AIDS-related virus.

An advisory committee of 41 members, named by the school superintendent, board members and community groups, is to issue a report on policy proposals at the March 23 meeting of the School Board. A public hearing is to be held April 19, and the board is to decide on the policies May 12.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION -- The school system failed to meet all its goals, but made "significant progress" over last year in hiring and promoting minorities and women, according to a report submitted to the board by Assistant Superintendent Edward W. Carr.

This year, 15 percent of new teachers hired were minorities, compared with 7.6 percent last year. The goal was 18 percent. The report said 11.7 percent of teacher applicants were minorities.

The school system met eight of its 15 goals for hiring various categories of workers, such as teachers, administrators, clerical workers, bus drivers and teachnical workers, but fell short in seven others. For example, 15.7 percent of the 102 education administrators hired or promoted were minorities compared with a goal of 11.9 percent, but none of the 36 maintenance workers hired were women, compared with a goal of 9 percent.

Administrators attributed some of the increase in teacher hiring to having recruiters visit more black colleges, making more on-the-spot job offers, and doubling advertising for minority teachers in education journals.