Alexandria students infected with AIDS will continue to "participate fully" in school programs unless the superintendent determines their presence would be a danger to the health of other students and teachers, according to written guidelines unanimously adopted by the School Board last night.

The status of each infected student will be reviewed individually by a panel of five physicians who will make a written recommendation to the superintendent within seven days on whether the student should continue in school. The identity of the student will not be revealed to the panel.

Although students may be removed from school during the review, it is not required.

Students excluded from school will be given an alternative educational program under the adopted guidelines. Parents of an excluded student may appeal the superintendent's decision to the School Board within seven days.

Separate guidelines for staff members with AIDS, also adopted by the board last night, state that "every effort will be made" for those employees to remain in their posts as long as they are physically able to perform their duties and they pose no risk of transmitting the disease to others.

Within seven days of being notified that a staff member has AIDS, the superintendent will make a written decision on whether the staff member's employment should be modified or terminated.

The superintendent's decision in such cases will follow consultation with a panel of five physicians.

The superintendent's decision about a staff member's continued employment may be appealed to the School Board within 10 working days.