Two Prince George's County men were struck by a Metro train, one critically injured, after they began fighting on a platform yesterday and tumbled into the path of an eastbound Orange Line train arriving at the Deanwood station.

Leonard Tyrone Smith, 37, of Chapel Oaks was temporarily trapped under the Metrorail train and was unconscious when rescuers pulled him out.

A team of surgeons at D.C. General Hospital was trying last night to reattach Smith's left foot, which was severed just above the ankle, a hospital spokesman said.

The other man, Leslie Horton, 23, of New Carrollton, was glanced by the train but was not injured, a Metro spokeswoman said.

The scuffle at the Northeast station apparently began when Smith approached Horton, who was standing in a Plexiglass shelter on the above-ground platform with a woman believed to be Smith's wife, authorities said.

No charges had been filed last night, but Metro transit police were investigating.

The incident, which occurred shortly before noon, forced Metro officials to shut off part of the station's power, interrupting service between the District and the New Carrollton stop for nearly two hours, Metro spokeswoman Beverly R. Silverberg said.

During the fight, the two men crashed through a 4 1/2-by-5-foot window in the shelter and rolled about six feet across the platform area before Smith fell off the platform and dropped four feet to the tracks below as a four-car Metro train pulled into the station.

Silverberg said the train was slowing as it arrived at Deanwood but that the operator was unable to avoid striking Smith.

Horton, who was still partially on the platform, was grazed by the train but was not injured, Silverberg said.

Silverberg said the train's operator alerted Metrorail's Central Control, which called for a rescue team and an ambulance.

Firefighters worked for about 20 minutes before Smith could be removed from the rail bed under the train.

"He definitely lost a foot, that's for sure," Alvin LeSane, one of several Metro mechanics on the scene, said of Smith's injuries. "He appeared to be unconscious when they brought him up on the platform. His eyes were closed, and they had the oxygen mask on him."

Power to the eastbound rail at the Deanwood station was shut off for a short time, interrupting service to New Carrollton.

Orange Line passengers were bused between the Minnesota Avenue and Cheverly stations, Silverberg said. Washington-bound trains were not affected.

The operator of the train that struck the men will be given a drug and alcohol test, which Silverberg said was "standard procedure when there is passenger or property damage." The operator was not identified.

Metro transit police Chief Angus B. MacLean said that teams of Metro and D.C. police were looking for witnesses.

Investigators believe they have the name of at least one witness who could aid detectives in their investigation, MacLean said.