Victim's identification: The victim tearfully identified Marine Cpl. Lindsey Scott as the man who raped and attempted to kill her. Defense attorneys showed that the woman was unsure of her identification twice in the days following the attack and that she never mentioned her assailant's teeth; Scott has a prominent gold front tooth.

Scott's car: Investigators said the woman identified Scott's car as the one in which she was attacked. They noted that it matched the description she gave investigators after the attack. The defense suggested that the woman may have been coached to pick out the car by her husband, a military policeman who worked with Scott and may have known that he was a suspect and what his car looked like. The woman's husband was with her when she identified the car. Also, several investigators said the passenger side of Scott's car had been wiped, suggesting that it was done in an attempt to erase forensic evidence. The defense noted that photos of the car did not show this.

The knife: The office manager of the apartment complex where Scott lived said Scott borrowed a steak knife the day of the attack and never returned it. A pathologist said one of the wounds on the woman's throat could have been caused by a serrated knife like the one Scott borrowed. The weapon used in the attack has not been found. Scott has said he accidentally threw away the knife he borrowed.

Defense's case: The defense is expected to try to show that Scott has an alibi -- that at the time of the attack, he was miles away from the scene of the crime, shopping at Zayre in Woodbridge. The credibility of a Zayre store detective who says she saw Scott will be critical.

The defense is expected to continue to emphasize the absence of forensic evidence linking Scott to the crime.