The District of Columbia Board of Zoning Adjustment made the following decisions on requests for variances and special exceptions to zoning laws at its meeting Feb 3. For more information, call 727-6311. NORTHEAST

HUNT PLACE, 5431-5437; JAY ST., 5363 -- Granted the request of Terris J. Green to build four houses in a residential zone.

12TH ST., 118 -- Granted the reequest of W.H. Associates to build an apartment building with no street frontage.NORTHWEST

O ST., 3328 -- Granted the request of Carlos H. and Jeanne Lord Espinel to build an addition to a house in a residential zone.

U ST., 1760 -- Agreed to reconsider the earlier denial of a request by Jeffrey Fox and Julie Miller to build a rear deck onto a house in a residential zone.

ASHMEAD PLACE, 2351 -- Granted the request of Ann Lewin to build an addition to a house in a residential zone.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 601 -- Granted the request of A. Ejtemai and G & R Mostaghim to convert a taxicab company to an auto repair shop in a residential zone.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 1069 -- Granted the request of Wanchul Lee Associates to build an addition to a building in a waterfront zone.

11TH ST., 1129-1133 -- Denied the request of the Logan Circle Community Association to reconsider permission granted to Dong Kyu Kim to open offices in a special purposes zone.SOUTHEAST

A ST., 614 -- Granted the request of Walter Kravitz to build a rear addition to house in a residential zone.