D.C. Democrats met last week for a prelimary caucus to take the first step in their complicated process to choose delegates to send to the Democratic National Convention in July.

Of the 24 delegate slots allotted the city, 13 will be assigned by party leaders to party and elected officials, such as Mayor Marion Barry. The 11 others will be apportioned to presidential candidates based on their showing in the city's May 3 primary.

The purpose of the caucus on Saturday was to nominate local Democrats who want to be one of those 11 delegates.

Supporters of the presidential contenders met in separate rooms at the Washington Convention Center. Those persons nominated (a list appears below) on Saturday still must qualify to have their names placed on the May 3 ballot. To qualify, each person must submit petitions with the signatures of 1,000 registered Democratic voters to the D.C. Board of Elections by March 4.

On May 3, Democratic voters going to the polls not only will cast ballots for presidential candidates but also will be asked to choose from a long list of names specific delegate candidates for their presidential choice.

To avoid holding a citywide election for such delegates, the Democratic Party divides the city into two special "congressional districts" based on voting patterns in the most recent mayoral and presidential campaigns.

Residents of Wards 1, 2, 6 and 8 are grouped in "Congressional District 1." Democratic voters in those wards on May 3 will cast ballots for specific presidential candidates as well as select five delegates to represent that candidate.

Democratic residents of Wards 3, 4, 5 and 7 are in "Congressional District 2." Voters there will cast ballots for specific presidential candidates and select six delegates to represent that candidate.

The following is a list of persons nominated on Saturday to represent the presidential candidates. The candidates are listed in order of number of votes each received (source: D.C. Board of Elections):

JESSE L. JACKSON: Congressional District 1: Lezli Baskerville; Nadine P. Winter; Wilma Harvey; Carrolena Key; Isabella B. Gelletich; Irma J. Pernell; Chestie M. Graham; Judy Newman; Eileen Crawford; Mary E. Horne; Bernard Demczuk; Frank Smith Jr.; David A. Clarke; Phinis Jones; John "Peter Bug" Mathews; James Harvey; Larry F. Weston; Lawrence L. Thomas; Charles R. Hicks; Thomas E. Gleaton. Congressional District 2:

Barbara Lett Simmons; Romaine B. Thomas; Lavonia P. Fairfax; Angie K. Corley; Ella M. Creech; Barbara J. Quick; Sandra Butler-Truesdale; Lillian J. Huff; Betsy B. Tibbs; Phyllis J. Outlaw; Arline M. Neal; Antonell K. Aikens; Walter E. Fauntroy; Harry L. Thomas; H.R. Crawford; Stanley A. Boucree; Williams H. Simons; Kent B. Amos; James M. Christian; Kelvin W. Young; James J. Zogby; Clark Johnson; Marvin Fauntroy; Reginald Dunn.

MICHAEL S. DUKAKIS Congressional District 1: Ivette A. Torres; Betty Ann Kane; Linda H. Kamm; Gwendolyn B. Paramore; Roberta Weiner; Patricia A. Bell; Joyce Northwood; Dorothy A. Keville; Wilander E. Sistrunk; Mary H. Thompson; Donald Dinan; Edward J. Black; Richard Landis; Phillip E. Pannell III; Irving Hinton; Mark R. Zecca; Patrick Hunt; Robert W. Maffin; Paul E. Meagher; Peter F. Winch. Congressional District 2:

Charlene Drew Jarvis; Ruth Jordan; Mildred W. Goodman; Barbara Bell Clark; Shari B. Kharasch; Teresa Grana; Sandra Spence; Peggy Robin; Jacqueline O'Neil; Charlotte Anker; Betty K. Shapiro; Valerie Costelloe; James E. Nathanson; John Daniels II; Myles V. Lynk; Carl Bergman; Norman M. Linsky; Stephen P. Belcher Jr.; Francis D. Threadgill Jr.; Melvin A. Marshall; Harold Sharlin; Leo Fishman; William P. Condo; Arthur H. Purcell.

PAUL SIMON Congressional District 1: Karen Walker; Yvonne McCoy; A. Paige Darden; Billie Ann Day; Patricia McIntosh; Flossie A. Lee; Diana Zuckerman; Susan Herrcra; Susan Reich; Susan Kaplan; Robert Boyd; R. Calvin Lockridge; Stanley Allen; Jack Evans; Louis Zapata; John B. Holden; Theodis R. (Ted) Gay; Moses Jerald Smith; Larry Cunningham; Linwood E. Hobbs. Congressional District 2:

Jane G. Weiman; Betty P. McKenzie; Susan C. Lee; Tencha Avila; Elizabeth A. Rosselot; Paula McMartin; Joanna S. Mendelson; Merrill Sue Spiegel; Emilie N. Junge; Susan S. Schreiberg; Louise W. Colliner; Elizabeth G. Kramer; Kurt Vorndran; A. Baltzaar Baca; Albert Coia; Talmadge L. Moore; Laurence E. Gold; Gregory Thomas; David Van Hoogstraten; Lon Levin; Hugh M. McDonald; Andrew L. Sandler; John Paul Salzberg; M. Howard Morse.

ALBERT GORE JR. Congressional District 1: Margaret N. Ahers; Katherine G. Lang; Cynthia Ann Mason; Jacqueline B. Shrago; Dianne J. Smith; Charles Edward Anderson; John A. Phillips; Christopher E. Anders; Scott Godshall; Felix E. Grissom; Sam Maruca. Congressional District 2:

Deborah Billing; Barbara S. Harris; Sally Janin; Marion McIntosh; Michele Pollak; Scott B. Harris; R. Thomas Hourin; Michel B. Mckenzie; Thurgood Marshall Jr.; Nicholas P. Miller; Matthew Myers; Carl T. Rowan Jr.; Arlie W. Schardt; Rudolf Soberheim; Stuart A. Streichler; Benjamin Vandergrift.

RICHARD A. GEPHARDT Congressional District 1: Audrey Baxter; Katie M. Bolt; Donna Brazile; June Austin Libin; Michele Petersen; Ann Wilcox-Staats; Robert Bush; Alberstene J. Bowie; L.L. 'Hank' Hankla. Congressional District 2:

Mary W. Hoff; Katharine L. Marshall; Mary E. Ponder; Diana D. Zentay; Stephen Boyd; John S. Hoff; Timothy M. Haake; Chris Hinkel; Charles Lydecker.

BRUCE BABBITT Congressional District 1: Jean Lujan; Janice R. Fair; Susan Gutchess; Eileen Wallace; Peter M. Connolly; Richard Magder; R. Wesley Carrington; Bruce S. Manheim Jr. Congressional District 2:

Bonnie Cohen; Judith Dollenmayer; Dale Loy; Martin Dickinson; David Simon; William W. Treanor.

GARY HART Congressional District 1: Gail Fuller; Addie P. Garland; Kimberley A. Turnel; Mary M. Waddy; Michael S. Davis. Congressional District 2:

Joan Thomas; Hope Babcock; Joanne E. Boxley; Malissa N. Stephens; Shirley L. Taylor; Catharyn A. Turner; Costella S. Tyler; Bryan Turner; Stephen H. Sellows.