The following were among actions taken at the Feb. 2 meeting of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. For more information, call 335-6600.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS -- County Executive Robert S. Noe Jr. presented to the supervisors a five-year "capital needs" budget that calls for $471 million in new roads, parks and other county facilities.

The proposed capital budget "represents our attempt to identify the totality of public facility needs for the county with the exception of schools," Noe said.

School Superintendent Edward L. Kelly has proposed spending about $220 million in his five-year construction budget for the county's 39,000-student school system.

County and school projects combined would total more than $691 million, which county officials said was about four times more than what the county can afford. Noe said he and Kelly will meet to trim their lists and devise a combined capital improvements request to present to the supervisors.

Board members also indicated the construction budget proposals would be cut. "We are going to prioritize it and come up with a funding plan," Chairman Kathleen K. Seefeldt (D-Occoquan) said. "The big question is which projects can be deferred."

To finance county projects, Noe proposed bond referendums in 1989, 1991 and 1993. Historically, bond referendums have not done well in Prince William County, where voters have rejected nine of the last 12.

The first bond referendum, scheduled for this fall, would seek $85.8 million, the largest bond proposal ever presented to county voters. It would finance major improvements to Rte. 234 and Davis Ford Road, heavily congested routes that connect Prince William County's eastern sector with the western area around Manassas, two new public libraries, a recreation center and a new training center for the police and fire departments.

Other projects to be funded later under the proposed five-year budget plan include the acquisition of two debris landfills, expansion of the current landfill in Independent Hill and development of a resource recovery facility in the mid-1990s. Noe's capital improvements plan also proposes spending $11 million for construction of six fire and rescue stations and $34 million for parks and recreation projects, including building a second recreation center and acquiring additional land for parks.

CONCESSION STANDS EXEMPTED -- The board unanimously voted to exempt from state restaurant health regulations the concession stands at youth athletic activities such as high school football games and Little League baseball games.

The action will make it easier for concession stand operators to obtain permits and ease financial burdens associated with meeting the restrictive health requirements.

The stands will still be inspected at least as regularly as the current law requires. Although concession stands are usually temporary and sell only fast foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers, they have had to abide by the same health regulations applied to restaurants.

Under the new provision, the county health director will supervise the operation of the concession stands and issue permits to the operators, rather than the concession stands as required in the state law.

Six to ten concession stands currently operate throughout the county. With the new provision, 30 additional applications for permits are expected.

ZONING REQUESTS -- The following zoning requests were approved: DALE BOULEVARD SOUTH OF CLOVERDALE ROAD -- By Lucien B. Yarbrough to rezone 3.2 acres of land zoned for a church to commercial in order to build a day-care center. 7 to 0. Neabsco District. MELTON COURT SOUTH OF THOROUGHFARE ROAD -- By Horace E. and Ruby M. Herndon to rezone 1.6 acres from agricultural to residential in order to build three single-family homes. 5 to 2. Gainesville District. MOUNTAIN ROAD SOUTH OF FOREST LAKE LANE -- By John and Dana Berger to rezone 5.3 acres from agricultural to rural residential in order to build two houses. 7 to 0. Gaineville District. SUDLEY ROAD NORTH OF RIXLEW LANE -- By Bally's Aladdin's Castle Inc. for a special use permit to begin operating a video arcade in Mannassas Mall. A special use permit is required for operation of a commercial recreational facility. 7 to 0. Brentsville District.