It was "water, water everywhere" again yesterday at the JTL Tycon Towers I building after tenants at the Fairfax County landmark endured three days without running water.

"It was an adventure," said concierge Sarah Watson, who is stationed in the 17-story office building's oak-paneled, marble-floored lobby.

The trouble began Monday night when an underground water line broke 40 to 50 feet from the building, according to management officials. The water supply was shut off Tuesday for repairs.

"It appears it {the break} was basically caused by settlement, but what caused the settlement is what we don't know at this time," said Dick deStwolinski, vice president of Glen Construction Co., which was looking into the problem for Tycon Management Corp.

DeStwolinski said the structure of the building, which towers over the Capital Beltway at Rte. 7, was not a factor in the pipe break.

Since Tuesday, the building's tenants -- who include lawyers, real estate developers, communications groups and consultants, all of whom are paying above-market rental rates -- have had to improvise to get a cup of coffee or to answer nature's call.

Watson said she tried to have freshly brewed coffee in the lobby by 8:30 each morning or else she faced some impatient, hovering workers. "The people who are used to coffee in the morning want it when they walk in the door," she said.

Cleaning crews were stationed on every floor to flush the toilets with buckets of water. About 120 gallons of bottled water were hauled in daily; management will pick up the tab, said the building's chief engineer.

"You take water for granted. You never really think about it until you don't have it," said Ruth West, manager of Marley's Tower Shop, who noted that soda sales were popping during the water shut-off.

The salmon-colored limestone building is first of three identical towers in a $250 million to $300 million project under development by James T. Lewis. To its developer, the building, with its arches and columns, "provides a touch of great architecture for the area." Others have said they aren't so sure about that.