The following was among actions taken by the Alexandria City Council at its Feb. 9 meeting. For further information, call 838-4300.

LAND TRANSFER -- The council voted unanimously to give a city-owned parking lot in the 900 block of King Street to a real estate firm, in exchange for a vacant lot owned by the firm in the 1800 block of King Street.

The 3,061-square-foot vacant lot to be given to the city in the land swap is across from the King Street Metro station. City officials are considering turning the property into a park, possibly with a memorial sculpture in honor of the city's war veterans.

The council has asked for comments on what to do with the property from the Alexandria Park and Recreation Commission. The council also has asked for comments from the city's Commisison for the Arts on a proposal by Mayor James P. Moran Jr. to commission an artist to create a sculpture honoring war veterans on the site.

The city-owned parking lot would be given to WJD Associates, a local real estate firm, which plans to construct a building there to house its headquarters. The firm had planned to build on the lot in the 1800 block of King Street, but determined a larger parcel of land was needed.