The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the Prince George's County Council. For more information, call 952-5182.

DRUG ENFORCEMENT AND EDUCATION BILL -- Council Vice Chairman Anthony Cicoria introduced a bill proposing the creation of a drug enforcement and education fund that would earmark money seized in drug raids to help finance the anti-drug efforts of police and county prosecutors.

Cicoria's request would have money seized in drug raids and arrests placed into the fund, with 85 percent going directly to the county police department for educational programs and to put more police officers on the street. The remaining 15 percent would go to the state's attorney's special narcotics prosecution office to assist in the investigation of drug crimes. The money now goes to the county's general fund.

Cicoria called the bill an emergency and necessary to "stop the trend of increased illegal drug traffic activity and to provide better education on the dangers of drug use."

APARTMENT LICENSE FEES -- The licensing fee for multi-family apartments would increase by $37 under a bill introduced and supported by four council members.

The bill requests the council raise the licensing fee from $13 to $50.

County Executive Parris Glendening, who was not at the meeting but who supports the bill, has said the increase would still leave the county's licensing fee for multi-family dwellings substantially lower than similar fees in neighboring jurisdictions.

Glendening said multi-family apartment licensing fees are increased every other year.

Money collected from licensing fees is currently used to help reduce illegal drug activity in and around apartment complexes. Glendening has said the increased fees will enable the police department to place more officers on the streets and enforce a continuing anti-drug campaign.

The county has an estimated 88,500 apartment units. Glendening has said the increased fees are expected to generate $1.5 million during 1988-1989 and $1.6 million in 1989-1990.

GRANT FOR DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE PREVENTION -- The council approved the county health department's request to use a $18,887 state grant for drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs.

The grant brings the health department's drug and alcohol abuse budget for the current year to $108,887. The grant was provided by the Maryland department of Health and Mental Hygiene.