The following was among items discussed at Tuesday's meeting of the Montgomery County Council. For more information, call 217-7900.

MOBILE LAND USES -- A council-appointed citizens group recommended that transitory or mobile businesses be controlled by county zoning regulations.

The Citizens Advisory Committee on Mobile and Transitory Land Uses recommended that zoning regulations, now only considered applicable to stationary businesses, be changed to apply to transitory uses such as a medical office operated out of a converted trailer. Among a series of recommendations, was a call to prohibit any transitory use that would not be allowed as a permanent or stationery use in a particular zone.

The nine-member committee was established in August by the council on the heels of a Board of Appeals ruling in favor of Petvacx, a mobile veterinary service that was operating out of a converted Winnebago and making the rounds of county parking lots.

The Board of Appeals, which rules on variances and special exceptions to zoning laws, dismissed an appeal brought by three county veterinarians who contended that the county Department of Environmental Protection should require Petvacx Inc. to obtain a special exception as a veterinary hospital. In its decision to dismiss the appeal, the board held that mobile operations such as roadside vendors, bookmobiles and bloodmobiles, fall outside the requirements of county zoning regulations.

Before establishing the citizen committee, the council introduced a zoning amendment, sponsored by then-council president Rose Crenca, to make county zoning regulations applicable to mobile uses. No action was taken on that proposal.

The citizens' committee report will go to a council committee, with no action scheduled until at least June.