The following were among actions taken at the Feb. 11 meeting of the Howard County School Board. For more information, call 992-0500.

PAROCHIAL SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION -- The board heard a report that recommends rearranging the parochial school busing boundaries to accomodate an additional school requesting transportation this fall. The 44-year old busing program for parochial schools currently transports 585 students from four parochial schools in the county at an annual cost of $237,550.

The addition of a fifth school, the Bethel Christian Academy in Savage, would cost the county an additional $7,000.

Bob Lazarewicz, director of county school operations, said that if the board approves the request from Bethel Christian Academy to transport between 20 and 25 students, it could affect 19 students already being bused whose homes would not be included in the proposed districts.

The bus service has been criticized by residents and school board members who have said that at a time when the school budget is tight, public funds shouldn't be used for private transportation.

SUPERINTENDENT REAPPOINTMENT -- The board voted unanimously to reappoint Superintendent Michael E. Hickey for a second four-year term. Hickey, who receives an annual salary of $84,402, will begin his second term July 1.