This is a follow-up to the letter from Joel Goldberg of Silver Spring {"Ticketed," Letters to the Weekly, Feb. 4}.

Several months ago at approximately 6:30 p.m. on a weeknight, I was stopped on Lost Knife Road, Gaithersburg, directly across from Lake Forest Mall by a Montgomery County police officer. I was issued a $30 ticket for not displaying a front license plate. This was not a warning (I have an absolutely clean driving record), but a ticket. The officer had been observing traffic from a hidden driveway.

North of the ticketing spot is the Montgomery Village Avenue intersection. Every day, like Mr. Goldberg, I commute up and down Montgomery Village Avenue and Rockville Pike. Every day I observe excessive speeding, especially on Montgomery Village Avenue, where the speed limit is 35 mph, as it should be because of the numerous children. Every day I observe red-light running.

I suggest that the policeman's time and our tax money would have been better served observing this dangerous intersection at this busy hour. Speeding and red-light running are deadly, but I seriously doubt if any lives have been lost because of a missing front license plate.