Officers seized $1.9 million worth of liquid PCP, one of the largest amounts of the hallucinogen ever confiscated in Prince George's County, and arrested two persons after a raid on a Suitland apartment, police said yesterday.

Joe Robinson, 31, of Los Angeles and Jacqueline Louise Jemerson, 24, of 3901 Suitland Rd. were charged yesterday after officers from the D.C. police, the Drug Enforcement Administration and Prince George's County executed a search warrant at Jemerson's apartment, police said.

Officers seized 6 1/2 gallons of liquid PCP and $3,500 in cash Sunday after receiving a tip that a large amount of the illegal drug would be found at the Suitland address.

Robinson, who is being held at the County Correctional Center in lieu of $500,000 bond, allegedly brought the PCP to the D.C. area by train from California, said Sgt. David Dunn, a county police vice officer.

"Most of the PCP on the streets in Prince George's County is being imported from California," Dunn said. "A smaller percentage is coming from D.C. . . . . "

Jemerson, who is being held in lieu of $100,000 bond, was charged yesterday with possessing PCP with intent to distribute it and maintaining a common nuisance. Robinson was charged with importing PCP, possessing PCP with intent to distribute it and conspiracy.

Jemerson and Robinson surrendered without incident. More arrests are expected, police said.