FBI and Immigration and Naturalization Service agents arrested yesterday and held for deportation hearings a Woodbridge pizza parlor owner who has been charged in Italy in the slaying of a Sicilian judge eight years ago, authorities said.

Salvatore Inzerillo, 30, owner of Joe's Place located off Jefferson Davis Highway (Rte. 1) in Prince William County, was being held without bond pending possible deportation as an illegal alien, INS officials said.

Inzerillo, charged by Italian police with complicity in the murder of Judge Gaetano Costa, was arrested yesterday at his Lake Ridge home in the 2750 block of Marsala Court, authorities said. Judge Costa was killed in 1980 after he began investigating narcotics traffic in Palermo.

The warrant for Inzerillo, also known as "Joe" was issued by Italian police in 1984, an INS spokeswoman said. INS officials said they believe that Inzerillo came to the United States by way of Canada and settled in Woodbridge, where he became part owner of the pizza restaurant about 18 months ago. No one answered calls to the restaurant yesterday afternoon.

Sources said that federal officials discovered Inzerillo's identity through an investigation of an alleged drug distribution network selling cocaine out of Washington and Northern Virginia pizza restaurants.