The Fairfax County Board of Zoning Appeals decided Tuesday to let stand an earlier vote that rejected an application to build a Mormon Church on a four-acre tract in South Run, a community that backs up to Burke Lake. Neighbors are opposed to the church because of traffic concerns.

The board said Tuesday it will allow the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to reapply to build the church without having to wait the required 12 months.

On Feb. 16, the board, after an emotional three-hour public hearing on the application, tied 3 to 3 on whether to allow the church construction.

A tie vote defeats the motion. One board member was absent from the meeting. The board must approve before any church can be built on residentially zoned property.

Several neighbors said they were outraged Feb. 16 when about 30 minutes after the church construction was defeated, after most of the people had left the board room, the board voted to reconsider the application at its Tuesday meeting.

Many residents of the approximately 500 houses in South Run are opposed to the church because they feel it will bring too much traffic to nearby roads.