The following item was discussed by the Alexandria School Board at its Feb. 18 meeting. For further information, call 988-2100.

ROWING FACILITY TO OPEN TO PUBLIC -- The board voted to open to the public the new $1 million rowing facility on the Potomac River in Old Town, now being used exclusively by school crew teams.

The decision means that Alexandria residents who are also rowing enthusiasts will be able, for a fee, to store 25-30 shells at the facility at 1 Madison St. and use its dock for launching their boats.

In addition, the public will be able to rent the boat house interior for receptions or other events, except from March through May when school crew teams are training and racing.

A nonprofit corporation will operate the facility for the School Board, installing and maintaining storage racks and collecting fees from those who use the facility. The public boat storage fees have not been established. Any profits will be donated to the school system.

The facility is currently used by more than 200 members of crew teams at T.C. Williams High School and Hammond and George Washington junior high schools. The building was dedicated Sept. 28, 1986, and was used for the first time last spring.