Woodbridge students turned out for the Woodbridge-Gar-Field basketball game Friday night wearing their best bib and tucker and carrying champagne glasses.

The students' sartorial splendor -- party dresses and pearls for the girls, sport jackets and ties for the boys -- was a playful reaction to reported comments by Gar-Field students that Woodbridge students are snobs, several students said.

The Viking, Woodbridge's mascot, carried a sign just below his flowing yellow beard that said, "I'm a snob."

Student body president Martin Nohe wore a tuxedo with a kelly green bow tie, and cheerleaders led the crowd in a "Snob Cheer," which went:

E to the X dydx

E to the X dy

Cosine, secant, tangent, sine


Square root, cube root, log of

Come on Woodbridge, tie those ties.

Although the Woodbridge students prevailed in fashion, their basketball teams lost to the Gar-Field Indians. Scores were 68-49 girls, 88-66 boys.

Last week was a wild one for Richard and Robin Higgens of Montclair.

Because Contel spelled their name "Higgins" in the new Prince William phone directory, they got scores of calls from the media and total strangers who thought they were dialing the Lake Ridge home of Lt. Col. William Richard Higgins and his wife, Robin. Col. Higgins was taken captive by armed Arab guerillas Feb. 17 in Lebanon.

"The first evening we got home, we didn't even know what had happened," said Robin Higgens. "There was a message on the answering machine from UPI in Chicago. I said, 'Hey, we better watch the news.' " Most of the media calls have come from out of town, she said. But there have been some local calls from people who say they're concerned and offer to do anything they can to help.

Prince William Supervisor Hilda Barg (D-Woodbridge) has proposed a solution to the controversy over how to redraw the boundaries of Woodbridge High School that can only be described as explosive.

After last week's meeting of the county board, Barg was hatching a plan that would prevent any students from being transferred out of the popular but overenrolled Woodbridge. "Let's blow up all the other high schools in the county and put everyone in Woodbridge," said Barg, who, upon noticing a reporter still in the board chambers, insisted that her scheme was offered only in jest. Supervisor Kathleen K. Seefeldt (D-Occoquan) raised practical problems: With the extra students, Woodbridge High School would surely need to be expanded. Is it feasible to add floors?