The Montgomery County Board of Appeals recently made the following decisions on requests for variances and special exceptions to zoning laws. For more information, call 279-1226.


FENWAY RD., 8201 -- Granted a variance request by Faruk Ozer to allow construction to continue on an addition to a house 26 feet from the rear property line instead of the minimum 30 feet required.

MONTGOMERY LA., 4918 -- Granted a special exception request by James R. and Carol Trawick to operate an engineering consulting business out of a building that was originally built as a residence.


JONES MILL RD., 8700 -- Granted a request by the Bethesda Retirement and Nursing Center Inc. to modify a special exception request to demolish one wing on the northwest corner of the property and replace it with a two-story wing.


QUINCE ORCHARD AND DARNESTOWN ROADS AREA -- Granted a special exception request by Lawrence J. Giebel to build and operate a veterinary hospital about 2,000 feet east of Quince Orchard Road near the 11900 block of Darnestown Road -- an area zoned for residential use.


DECATUR AVE., 3301 -- Granted a variance request by Edward Eastridge to renovate a building that does not conform to current zoning standards because it takes up more lot space than allowed. Any renovation or addition to such a structure requires a variance.


GARDEN CT., 9317 -- Granted variances by Ronald Gallant to build a deck two feet from a side property line instead of the minimum nine feet required.