Senate-House conferees hope to finish work this month on a compromise bill that would give catastrophic health insurance protection through Medicare to people 65 and older. Millions of federal, state and local government retirees have a financial stake in the bill's final version.

Lobbyists for groups representing public workers and retirees are pushing for the Senate version of the bill. It would protect government retirees from being required to pay up to $500 a year more than nongovernment retirees for coverage that most of the former federal, postal and state workers already have -- and pay for -- through their government health plans.

The House version would link premiums for catastrophic coverage through Medicare to taxable income. That would benefit those whose primary income is from Social Security. But it would penalize retirees -- such as former federal workers -- whose main income is from taxable annuities.

The Senate plan would adjust premiums for those who already have and pay for catastrophic coverage, or would allow them to pay lower rates for their federal health insurance plans.

President Reagan has said he favors the Senate plan. Insiders expect the House to vote on the compromise version before the Easter recess. Senate action is expected in mid-April.Freebie Pay Chart

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