Voters may vote for one candidate in the ANC Single Member District (SMD) in which they live. Based on the voter's address, poll workers will give the appropriate SMD ballot to each voter. The two-year ANC post is nonpartisan.


cm14.8ANC 1A (10 Seats)

1A01 Aurelia Corbett King, 1359 Perry Place NW. 1A02 Antonio (Tony) Montes, 3520 Center St. NW. 1A03 Elizabeth McIntire, 1502 Park Rd. NW. 1A04 Eric S. Graye, 1304 Monroe St. 1A05 Tedd Miller, 1351 Monroe St. NW. Talfourd Pierce, 3234 13th St. NW. 1A06 Shelore C. Williams, 3215 13th St. NW. 1A07 No candidate. 1A08 Monroe A. Bethea, 3538 Warder St. NW. 1A09 Bonnie P. Gantt, 751 Kenyon St. NW. Jeannette C. Martin, 602 Morton St. NW. 1A10 Rosalie Foster, 3116 Warder St. NW. Essie L. Nelson, 436 Irving St. NW.

ANC 1B (13 Seats)

1B01 Deairich R. Hunter, 1413 T St. NW. Margaret C. Tessier, 1450 T St. NW. 1B02 Stanley J. Mayes, 1334 Wallach Place NW. Theodore R. Moore III, 1834 13th St. NW. 1B03 Melvin E. Coley, 1350 Clifton St. NW. M.A. "Doll" Fitzgerald, 2301 11th St. NW. 1B04 W. Norman Wood Jr., 1815 8th St. NW. 1B05 Lawrence T. Guyot Jr., 507 U St. NW. 1B06 Theresa F. Brown, 317 U St. NW. Clifford Powell, 1956 2nd St. NW. 1B07 No candidate. 1B08 Barbara Manget Taylor, 918 Euclid St. NW. 1B09 James Roy Smith Sr., 1358 Girard St. NW. Phyliss Stewart Thompson, 1316 Columbia Rd. NW. 1B10 Catherine Hammonds, 1341 Clifton St. NW. 1B11 No candidate. 1B12 J. Tony Jones, 1440 W St. NW. 1B13 Reese W. James II, 1401 Fairmont St. NW. Nelson F. Migdal, 2827 15th St. NW.

ANC 1C (10 Seats)

1C01 Virginia M. Johnson, 1818 Vernon St. NW. 1C02 Frank James Hereford, 1921 Kalorama Rd. NW. Grace Malakoff, 2359 Ashmead Place NW. Nancy L. Schoenig, 2032 Belmont Rd. NW. 1C03 Karen Dauksis, 1869 Mintwood Place NW. Robert W. Ellsworth, 1837 Mintwood Place NW. 1C04 Barbara Helmick, 2707 Adams Mill Rd. NW. Orazio F. Miceli, 1937 Calvert St. NW. Dianna L. White, 2627 Adams Mill Rd. NW. 1C05 Peter M. Schott, 3025 Ontario Rd. NW. 1C06 John W. Brooks, 1630 Fuller St. NW. John Jones, 1620 Fuller St. NW. 1C07 Nancy Hildebrand, 1738 V St. NW. Edward G. Jackson Sr., 2460 Ontario Rd. NW. 1C08 Peter Lyden, 1726 Euclid St. NW. 1C09 Ruth Long, 1749 Swann St. NW. B. Harold Smith, 1731 S St. NW. 1C10 William (Bill) Arrington Jr., 1621 V St. NW. Steve Wellner, 1907 New Hampshire Ave. NW.

ANC 1D (2 Seats)

1D01 Jean Lindley, 2127 California St. NW. 1D02 Douglas Mitchell, 1808 Connecticut Ave. NW. Ronnie Ann Wainwright, 2129 Florida Ave. NW.

ANC 1E (5 Seats)

1E01 Russell B. Christensen, 3104 Mt. Pleasant NW. Ken Fealing, 1661 Park Rd. NW. 1E02 Art Cobb, 3305 Brown St. NW. 1E03 Judy Fredette, 3361 18th St. NW. Margaret A. Gore, 3340 17th St. NW. 1E04 Alice Kelly, 1755 Lamont St. NW. George M. Yaksic, 3159 Adams Mill Rd. NW. 1E05 Reginald Laurence May, 1762 Kilbourne Place NW. Amiel Summers, 3060 16th St. NW.


ANC 2A (6 Seats)

2A01 Ralph A. Rosenbaum, 2201 L St. NW. 2A02 Charles L. Clapp, 2555 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. 2A03 Maria Tyler, 949 25th St. NW. 2A04 Richard J. Palco, 2401 H St. NW. 2A05 Beverly Sklover, 2301 E St. NW. 2A06 James J. Molinelli, 2150 F St. NW. Sue B. Schumacher, 2030 F St. NW.

ANC 2B (7 Seats)

2B01 Edward S. Grandis, 1800-A Swann St. NW. 2B02 Doreen Moses, 1911 R St. NW. Kyle Pitsor, 1511 22nd St. NW. 2B03 Alaire Bretz Rieffel, 1709 Q St. NW. 2B04 No candidate. 2B05 Dennis Bass, 1513 Q St. NW. B06 David Maggi, 1330 New Hampshire Ave. NW. 2B07 Jack Evans, 1718 P St. NW.

ANC 2C (16 Seats)

2C01 Susan Fleck, 1605 15th St. NW. Christopher Hamilton, 1342 B Corcoran St. NW. 2C02 No candidate. 2C03 Jim Brandon, 1301 15th St. NW. Arlethia B. Jones, 1305 P St. NW. 2C04 No candidate. 2C05 Charles Richardson, 923 R St. NW. 2C06 Michael Carr, 1311 10th St. Rear NW. Jack E. Evans, 1412 Columbia St. NW. 2C07 Leroy Joseph Thorpe Jr., 1427 5th St. NW. 2C08 Elizabeth Blakeslee, 1101 L St. NW. 2C09 Doris L. Brooks, 610 Emmanuel Ct. NW. Harold L. Whitten, 1312 6th St. NW. 2C10 Clarene Martin, 439 M St. NW. William R. Speaks, 1341 6th St. NW. 2C11 Earnest C. Williams, 401 K St. NW. 2C12 Lawrence L. Thomas, 901 New Jersey Ave. NW. 2C13 Alverta Munlyn, 1160 1st Place NW. 2C14 Zakiyyah S. Abdul-Haqq, 1029 6th St. NE. William B. Bynum, 621 Florida Ave. NW. 2C15 Mozella Boyd-White, 229 K St. NE. 2C16 Clifford W. Waddy, 711 I St. NE.

ANC 2D (8 Seats)

2D01 Willie Lloyd Reeves, 1100 6th St. SW. 2D02 Shirley M. Dabney, 64A G St. SW. Donna Doering, 1101 3rd St. SW. Carolyn A. Fleming, 1101 3rd St. SW. Ralph Earl Watkins, 759 3rd St. SW. 2D03 No candidate. 2D04 No candidate. 2D05 Linda S. Eckles, 410 O St. SW. Jeremiah L. Stone, 400 N St. SW. 2D06 Jacques "JC" Chevalier, 1311 Delaware Ave. SW. Loretta LaVerne Reeves, 1250 4th St. SW. Eva Stith, 357 O St. SW. 2D07 L. Bonnie Johnson, 1258 1st St. SW. 2D08 No candidate.

ANC 2E (6 Seats)

2E01 Rory F. Quirk, 1603 34th St. NW. 2E02 Grace Bateman, 1422 33rd St. NW. Victoria Angelica Espinel, 3328 O St. NW. Jeffrey James Kilpatrick, 3320 P St. NW. 2E03 Kara Kent, 3209 Cherry Hill Lane NW. Brian E. Shean, 1257 35th St. NW. 2E04 John W. Goodrich-Mahoney, 3242 Q St. NW. Jim McCarthy, 1605 30th St. NW. 2E05 Ray Browne, 1405 30th St. NW. John H. Schafer, 1530 30th St. NW. 2E06 Juan Cameron, 2823 N St. NW. John R. Wagley, 3148 1/2 O St. NW.


ANC 3B (6 Seats)

3B01 Milton J. Grossman, 2233 Hall Place NW. Barbara A. Hamer, 3850 Tunlaw Rd. NW. Kurt L. Lawson, 2712 Wisconsin Ave. NW. 3B02 Jack Everett, 2220 40th St. NW. Phyllis M. White, 2115 Huidekoper Place NW. 2B03 David L. Click, 2325 42nd St. NW. Sandy Panchak, 4114 Davis Place NW. 3B04 No candidate. 3B05 Frederick H. Fleming, 3536 S St. NW. Dan Wedderburn, 3539 T St. NW. 3B06 Dianne Sawaya-Barnes, 4444 Greenwich Pkwy. NW.

ANC 3C (9 Seats)

3C01 Cheryl A. Opacinch, 2625 Woodley Place NW. 3C02 Robert P. Sampson, 2659 Woodley Rd. NW. 3C03 John A. Jenkins, 3109 Garfield St. NW. Linda R. Winer, 2900 Connecticut Ave. NW. 3C04 Roger Burns, 2800 Quebec St. NW. 3C05 Stephanie J. Faul, 3039 Macomb St. NW. Gabriel Fineman, 3195 Porter St. NW. Laurie Handlers, 3701 Reno Rd. NW. 3C06 Phil Mendelson, 3896 Porter St. NW. 3C07 Patricia Wamsley, 3238 Idaho Ave. NW. 3C08 Rosalyn P. Doggett, 2702 36th St. NW 3C09 Peter Espenschied, 3414 Newark St. NW.

ANC 3D (6 Seats)

3D01 Michael Doud Gill, 4201 Cathedral Ave. NW. Jane E. Leonard, 4445 Lowell St. NW. 3D02 No candidate. 3D03 Ann F. Heuer, 4831 Indian Lane NW. Alexander S. Holt, 4700 Tilden St. NW. D04 Evelyn Howard, 5260 Macomb St. NW. Joseph D. Murphy, 5015 Lowell St. NW. 3D05 Robert Archer, 5216 Sherier Place NW. 3D06 Sheila Hafter Gray, 40612 Palisades Station NW. Joyce U. Waid, 4710 Foxhall Cres. NW.

ANC 3E (5 Seats)

3E01 Diane B. Sheahan, 4848 Albemarle St. NW. 3E02 Erling Hansen, 4525 Butterworth Place NW. Alan G. Lopatin, 4958 Butterworth Place NW. Stephen Raiche, 4632 Chesapeake St. NW. 3E03 James H. Curtin, 4405 Garrison St. NW. 3E04 David E. Yudin, 4120 Fessenden St. NW. 3E05 Maria L. DePaul, 4201 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Paul Strauss, 4201 Massachusetts Ave. NW.

ANC 3F (6 Seats)

3F01 Stephen P. Belcher Jr., 2935 Tilden St. NW. 3F02 Sara Jane Jamison, 3003 Van Ness St. NW. 3F03 Frank Hammill, 4608 29th Place NW. 3F04 Joshua A. Ederheimer, 4801 Connecticut Ave. NW. Cynthia E. Harrison, 4701 Connecticut Ave. NW. Edna Lingreen, 4801 Connecticut Ave. NW. 3F05 Mark Wesley Hart, 4536 Reno Rd. NW. Stanley J. Steinman, 3629 Everett St. NW. 3F06 Eben V. Fodor, 3812 Alton Place NW.

ANC 3G (7 Seats)

3G01 Byron J. Grayson Sr., 3038 Chestnut St. NW. Geraldine Linder, 6632 32nd Place NW. 3G02 Lelia Z. Moors, 6019 Utah Ave. NW. Darwin Stolzenbach, 5725 26th St. NW. 3G03 Lee Schoenecker, 5543 30th Place NW. 3G04 Allen E. Beach, 3342 Stuyvesant Place NW. 3G05 Walter A. Phillips, 3417 Morrison St. NW. Mary Rowse, 3706 Morrison St. NW. 3G06 Kathleen Rohn LeDain, 3836 McKinley St. NW. Dick Roth, 3810 Livingston St. NW. 3G07 Jeffrey B. Norman, 5315 Connecticut Ave. NW.


ANC 4A (8 Seats)

4A01 E. Ned Sloan, 1639 Primrose Rd. NW. 4A02 Charles C. Gaither Jr., 7519 16th St. NW. Natalie Howard, 1400 Iris St. NW. Tony Towns, 7739 16th St. NW. 4A03 Juanita G. Harris, 208 Van Buren NW. Doris B. Thomas, 6606 Georgia Ave. NW. James Walker, 1412 Whittier Place NW. 4A04 Hank Larsen, 1317 Tuckerman St. NW. Robert (Bob) Smith, 6425 14th St. NW. 4A05 Angela H. Mack, 1342 Sheridan St. NW. 4A06 Lloyd L. Williams, 6000 13th St. NW. 4A07 Joyce A. Rogers, 5330 Colorado Ave. NW. Gregory Thomas, 1604 Madison St. NW. 4A08 John C. Eason Jr., 1757 Shepherd St. NW.

ANC 4B (12 Seats)

4B01 Ralston C. Mathews, 7480 Blair Rd. NW. 4B02 Leo P. Masciana, 406 Cedar St. NW. 4B03 Katie R. Crawley, 515 Van Buren St. NW. 4B04 Yvonne Majett Cooper, 6523 7th Place NW. 4B05 Charlie L. Glenn, 6226 9th St. NW. Gloria Taylor, 6401 7th St. NW. 4B06 Maurice Alexander, 610 Quintana Place NW. 4B07 Susie J. Carpenter, 714 Marietta Place NW. 4B08 Evelyn U. Johnson, 244 Madison NW. 4B09 Beverlye C. Neal, 5714 5th St. NW. Gerald L. Sazon Jr., 526 Peabody St. NW. 4B10 Thomas J. Houston, 6163 Sligo Mill Rd. NE. 4B11 Warren Hudson Jr., 336 Nicholson St. NE. Amanda (Amy) Hatcher Lyon, 5607 2nd St. NE. Gloria S. Whitfield, 516 Oneida St. NE. 4B12 Edna S. Southerland, 427 Madison St. NE.

ANC 4C (8 Seats)

4C01 Robert F. Bonner, 1409 Ingraham St. NW. 4C02 Geneva "Ruby" Jones, 1222 Hamilton St. NW. 4C03 Lillian Cooper-Wiggins, 1501 Crittenden St. NW. Douglass McCall Wills, 4608 15th St. NW. 4C04 Diane Simpkins, 4108 Arkansas Ave. NW. 4C05 No candidate. 4C06 Velma V. Dzidzienyo, 914 Quincy St. NW. Ronnie L. Edwards, 931 Shepherd St. NW. James "Yeriel" Richardson, 4011 9th St. NW. 4C07 Peggy JP McCoo, 3917 7th St. NW. 4C08 Christopher T. Downing, 222 Upshur St. NW. Lee S. Manor, 228 Upshur St. NW.

ANC 4D (13 Seats)

4D01 Jesse W. Brown, 804 Kennedy St. NW. Edward D. Cauthen, 623 Jefferson St. NW. Denise L. Whittington, 713 Kennedy St. NW. 4D02 Blanche A. Bradley, 213 Ingraham St. NW. 4D03 Grace McMullen Littlejohn, 41 Kennedy St. NE Franklyn M. Malone, 4811 N. Capitol St. NE. 4D04 Lorenzo (Larry) Allen, 5304 8th St. NW. 4D05 Agnes A. Johnson, 5217 5th St. NW. 4D06 Bill Scales, 4908 9th St. NW. Mary E. Wilson, 5008 7th St. NW. 4D07 No candidate. 4D08 Sara I. Banks, 4827 Illinois Ave. NW. 4D09 Mary C. Smith, 4709 4th St. NW. 4D10 William (Butch) Burns, 4226 7th St. NW. Joan M. Thomas, 715 Varnum St. NW. 4D11 Kevin Dennis, 124 Webster St. NE. 4D12 James T. Green, Box 610 USSAH 4D13 Helen H. Mitchell, 38 Hawthorne Ct. NE.


ANC 5A (15 Seats)

5A01 Floyd A. McCaskill, 435 Jefferson St. NE. Bernard N. Price, 625 Jefferson St. NE. 5A02 Etta Marie Marshall, 1014 Galloway St. NE. Elbert Nixon, 838 Delafield St. NE. Kathryn A. Pearson-West, 5039 8th St. NE. 5A03 Joseph L. Bowser, 4809 7th St. NE. Helen F. Talley, 737 Crittenden St. NE. Margie Williams Truesdale,5000 11th St. NE. 5A04 Raymond L. Dickey Sr., 1256 Emerson St. NE. 5A05 Paul M. Washington, 4615 12th St. NE. 5A06 Harry L. Thomas Jr., 4003 21st St. NE. 5A07 Mary Baird Currie, 1120 Michigan Ave. NE. 5A08 Robert (Bob) Artisst, 1353 Otis St. NE. JoanNE. E. Boxley, 4212 14th St. NE. 5A09 Brian K. Flowers, 1331 Irving St. NE. 5A10 Angie L. Corley, 3519 14th St. NE. Virgil L. Thompson, 3502 16th St. NE. 5A11 Sharman J. Monroe, 3431 S. Dakota Ave. NE. Eugene R. Washington, 1905 Kearney St. NE. 5A12 Ralph J. Dickerson, 3811 S. Dakota Ave. NE. Deirdre Willene Spaulding, 1905 Randolph St. NE. 5A13 "Sam Darden", 2428 Irving St. NE. 5A14 Mozelle E. Watkins, 3225 Walnut St. NE. 5A15 Robert (Bob) King, 3102 Apple Rd. NE.

ANC 5B (14 Seats)

5B01 Enez W. Martin, 1719 Franklin St. NE. Horace M. Roberts, 1456 Channing St. NE. 5B02 Altha R. Elliott, 2925 20th St. NE. 5B03 No candidate. 5B04 Yvonne M. Powell, 1328 Adams St. NE. 5B05 No candidate. 5B06 No candidate. 5B07 George A. Boyd, 1264 Owen Place NE. 5B08 Maryrose Chappelle, 1341 Queen St. NE. 5B09 Lewis E. Lindsey, 1428 Morse St. NE. Arvie Parks Sr., 1231 Morse St. NE. 5B10 Essie Jackson, 1258 16th St. NE. 5B11 James Booze, 1724 Lang Place NE. 5B12 Rose M. Edwards, 2102 Maryland Ave. NE. Nathaniel X. Vance Jr., 1111 21st St. NE. 5B13 JoliNE. M. Bloxson, 704 24th St. NE. Gloria Byrd Cain, 1802 H St. NE. 5B14 No candidate.

ANC 5C (13 Seats)

5C01 James D. Berry, 140 Bates St. NW 5C02 Lois Tett, 71 P St. NW Mary Ann Wilmer, 74 Bates St. NW 5C03 Florence H. Pendleton, 147 S St. NW Bertie Ray III, 1932 First St. NW 5C04 Richard (Rick) L. Sowell Jr., 38 V St. NW 5C05 Mary L. Barbour, 37 Franklin St. NE. 5C06 Tony Dugger, 1831 N. Capitol St. NE. 5C07 James Shabazz, 1907 N. Capitol St. NE. 5C08 Caroline Wills, 1713 Second St. NE. 5C09 Jessie L. Kelsey, 202 Ascot Place NE. 5C10 Lelia F. Peterbark, 2701 4th St. NE. 5C11 No candidate. 5C12 Agnes C. Tibbs, 3013 7th St. NE. 5C13 Fletcher Gregory, 2905 10th St. NE.


ANC 6A (13 Seats)

6A01 No candidate. 6A02 Irving Hinton, 1734 Gales St. NE. 6A03 Virginia Evans, 1815 D St. NE. 6A04 No candidate. 6A05 Craig K. Lisk, 258 Warren St. NE. I. Brooks Menessa, 116 Tennessee Ave. NE. 6A06 Ernest Postell Sr., 1418 E St. NE. 6A07 Ruth E. Flythe, 1327 F St. NE. 6A08 Daniel Butler, 828 11th St. NE. Larry Cunningham, 825 9th St. NE. Rosalie S. Johnson, 821 13th St. NE. 6A09 David E. Jones, 712 F St. NE. 6A10 George Anton Salah, 1123 D St. NE. 6A11 Virginia W. Gaddis, 238 11th St. NE. Franklin Pierce Lamb, 328 9th St. NE. 6A12 Dick Brown, 521 2nd St. NE. 6A13 No candidate.

ANC 6B (12 Seats)

6B01 Jane E. Altenhofen, 507 2nd St. SE 6B02 Karen Walker, 423 5th St. SE. 6B03 Dion Johnson, 629 G St. SE. 6B04 James "Jamie" Platt, 807 E St. SE. 6B05 Cecile S. Shure, 228 11th St. SE. L. Leonard Hacker, 319 9th St. SE. 6B06 William H. Vandentoorn, 150 13th St. SE. 6B07 Allean Cole Brown, 1409 S. Carolina Ave. SE. William S. Stancil, 266 15th St. SE. 6B08 Evelyn B. Washington, 403 16th St. SE. 6B09 Wilbert "Will" Hill, 701 14th St. SE. Jacqueline Selina West, 700 12th St. SE. 6B10 Danny R. Collins, 1318 L St. SE. 6B11 No candidate. 6B12 No candidate.

ANC 6C (12 Seats)

6C01 Elizabeth H. Travers, 3444 Croffut Place SE. 6C02 Joseph E. Johnson, 723 Croissant Place SE. 6C03 Otis Williams, 2330 R St. SE. 6C04 Clifton D. Chambers, 1920 Naylor Rd. SE. 6C05 Johnnie N. Ferguson, 1919 Ridge Place SE. 6C06 Ernest Darling, 1828 18th St. SE. 6C07 Elvia Allen, 2214 Martin Luther King Ave. SE. Patricia Makin, 1250 U St. SE. W. Cardell Shelton, 1930 Martin Luther King Ave. SE. 6C08 Frieda R. Murray, 1624 U St. SE. 6C09 James A. Mosley, 2330 Good Hope Rd. SE. 6C10 No candidate. 6C11 No candidate. 6C12 Jacqueline B. Shillings, 2433 Wagner St. SE.

Ward 7

ANC 7A (5 Seats)

7A01 No candidate. 7A02 Herman B. Greene, 4233 Marne Place NE. Frank Hill, 1513 Anacostia Ave. NE. 7A03 Barbara Brown, 3770 Hayes St. NE. Rita A. Jackson, 3803 Jay St. NE. 7A04 Patricia Brown, 3692 Hayes St. NE. 7A05 George Gurley, 3393 Blaine St. NE.

ANC 7B (8 Seats)

7B01 Keith Andrew Perry, 3120 O St. SE. 7B02 Herbert A. Boyd Jr., 3229 Highwood Dr. SE. Geoffrey A. Napper, 3520 Pope St. SE. 7B03 Cecelia A. Griffin, 1638 40th St. SE. 7B04 Bill O'Field, 2006-B 37th St. SE. 7B05 Leon Hurd Jr., 2333 34th St. SE. Belva T. Simmons, 3604 Austin St. SE. Carrie H. Turner, 3612 Alabama Ave. SE. 7B06 William J. Hickey, 2808 Terrace Rd. SE. 7B07 Vandy L. Jamison Jr., 2905 Hillcrest Dr. SE. Vincent M. Spaulding, 2914 W St. SE. 7B08 Ada W. Carter, 1630 28th St. SE.

ANC 7C (8 Seats)

7C01 H.J. Amons Sr., 1011 51st St. NE. Thomas D. Johnson Sr., 5020 Meade St. NE. Lawrence E. Perry, 5119 Lee St. NE. 7C02 Dorothy Y. Douglas, 4401 Minnesota Ave. NE. Carolyn Wright Ricanek, 1220 47th Place NE. 7C03 Annette Doxie, 5053 Just St. NE. Eva M. Jones, 5336 Jay St. NE. 7C04 Linda Y. Fisher, 4701 Jay St. NE. 7C05 Paul Proctor, 715 55th St. NE. Shirley M. Sterling, 5341 Gay St. NE. 7C06 Lafayette A. Mavritte, 5213 Clay St. NE. 7C07 Jerry L. Benson Sr., 312 1/2 59th St. NE. 7C08 Mary L. Gaffney, 328 62nd St. NE.

ANC 7D (7 Seats)

7D01 Natalie Cecelia Greene, 4044 Blaine St. NE. 7D02 Harry R. Reeves, 3934 Ames St. NE. 7D03 James Parks, 4213 Hayes St. NE. 7D04 James F. Onley Sr., 204 46th St. NE. 7D05 No candidate. 7D06 No candidate. 7D07 Arthur E. Williams, 4930 Eads Place NE. Ronald A. Woods, 4904 Fitch Place NE.

ANC 7E (9 Seats)

7E01 Veronica J. Wade, 5929 E. Capitol St. SE. 7E02 Robert L. Matthews, 23 55th St. SE. Josephine P. Samuels, 41 54th St. SE. 7E03 Minnie C. Robinson, 5221 E. Capitol St. SE. 7E04 Mary D. Jackson, 135 49th St. SE. 7E05 Pauline T. Ward, 5120 E St. SE. 7E06 Ivory Delores (Auntie) Walter, 507 51st St. SE. 7E07 Charles C. White, 844 51st St. SE. 7E08 Helen M. Hasty, 1102 46th St. SE. 7E09 Benjamin Earl Thomas Sr., 1135 Chaplin St. SE.

ANC 7F (5 Seats)

7F01 Andrew "{Drew 5}" Frazier Jr., 4342 Dubois Place SE. Constance Thompson, 4560 Texas Ave. SE. 7F02 No candidate. 7F03 Kemry M. Hughes, 3600 Ely Place SE. 7F04 Martharene S. Smarr, 4529 C St. SE. 7F05 No candidate.


ANC 8A (7 Seats)

8A01 Geraldine M. Law, 2715 Wade Rd. SE. 8A02 Alfonso (Al) Freeman, 2672 Martin Luther King Ave. SE. 8A03 F.D.R. Fox, 1133 Chicago St. SE. 8A04 No candidate. 8A05 Hannah M. Hawkins, 1450 Howard Rd. SE. Robert L. Richardson Sr., 2425 17th St. SE. 8A06 Albert Antony Pearsall III, 2427 15th Place SE. 8A07 Robert B. "Kirk" Kirkland Jr., JHP2 2700 Martin Luther King Ave. SE.

ANC 8B (8 Seats)

8B01 Alexander King Sr., 3145 Robinson Place SE. 8B02 No candidate. 8B03 No candidate 8B04 Marie W. Patterson, 1934 Savannah Place SE. 8B05 No candidate. 8B06 Shirley D. Snead, 3600 22nd St. SE. 8B07 Mary Frances Ross, 2633 Jasper St. SE. 8B08 Calvin B. Woodland Sr., 2304 Hartford St.

ANC 8C (7 Seats)

8C01 Newton (Big Newt) Smith, 558 Newcomb St. SE. 8C02 Ron Dennis, 3328 Brothers Place SE. William C. Lewis, 413 Oakwood St. SE. William Lockridge, 121 Raleigh St. SE. 8C03 Alethea W. Campbell, 745 Congress St. SE. 8C04 Mary Cuthbert, 3724 Horner Place SE. 8C05 Muriel Dow, 21 Mississippi Ave. SE. Margi R. Jenkins, 3918 1st St. SE. 8C06 No candidate. 8C07 No candidate.

ANC 8D (8 Seats)

8D01 Constance "Connie" Mobley, 19 Atlantic St. SE. 8D02 James E. Bunn, 107 Elmira St. SW 8D03 Catherine C. Sanders, 86 Galveston St. SW 8D04 No candidate. 8D05 No candidate. 8D06 No candidate. 8D07 O.V. Johnson, 632 Elmira St. SE. 8D08 Moses Jerald Smith, 4642 Livingston Rd. SE.

ANC 8E (8 Seats)

8E01 No candidate. 8E02 Rowena "Joyce" Scott, 1002 Mississippi Ave. SE. 8E03 Sandy Allen, 4306 Wheeler Rd. SE. 8E04 No candidate. 8E05 Muriel D. Chambers, 609 Condon Terrace SE. J.D. Williams, 453 Valley Ave. SE. 8E06 No candidate. 8E07 Gwendolyn Paramore, 903 Barnaby St. SE. 8E08 Robert L. Yeldell, 800 Southern Ave. SE.