Takoma Park, which has declared itself a "Nuclear Free Zone," has asked Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev to visit the city during his summit trip to Washington.

Mayor Stephen Del Guidice said the invitation was sent to the Soviet Embassy last month in the hope that Gorbachev will recognize a city that has taken a "leading role in seeking to reverse the nuclear arms buildup."

The embassy has not responded to the request, but Del Guidice said the city is prepared to honor Gorbachev at a moment's notice "if he should be able to break away from his busy itinerary."

In 1983, Takoma Park adopted its ordinance prohibiting the city government from any business dealings with companies involved in the manufacture or sale of nuclear weapons. For example, Del Guidice said the city no longer buys vehicles from General Motors because of the firm's defense contracts.

The city also has been actively involved in exchange programs for Soviet citizens and was the termination point for the 1988 Soviet-American Peace Walk in Washington, Del Guidice said.

"These are local Americans who are glad that we are moving in a more positive direction toward limiting nuclear arms," the mayor said.