The first collection was so good that we simply must publish a second. Herewith, more Beltway Haiku (verses written in the ancient 5 beats-7 beats-5 beats Japanese style, in honor of our infamous superhighway).

From Patricia Metzger of Arnold, Md.:


in the making, stop cursing

Think Calm, Cool Trout Stream

From Mark Sullivan of Silver Spring:

Beltway crawls along

Outside my window a snail

He passes me by

From Karen Bock-Losee of Alexandria:

Catalpas in bloom

Funny tags on the red Ford

One exit to go

From Lana T. Albright of Fairfax:

Trucks kiss my bumper

Tailgating at seventy;

Eighteen wheels -- no brakes?

From Lorraine Bernadyn of Alexandria:

Strange joy, empty lane

Soon brakes to big bottleneck

Merging molasses

From Mildred Cuozzo of New Carrollton:

All Beltway pilots

Hone their skill dodging missiles

Kamikaze cast

From Charles L. Vlcek of Bowie:

Eighteen-wheeler trucks

Loom ahead in soft gray fog

Like icebergs at sea.

From Diane Mularz of Silver Spring:

Bewildered driver

left, now right, now left again

ah, out-of-state tags

From Mary S. Bedell of Bethesda:

The eight miles between

Bethesda and Silver Spring

Seem more like eighteen.

From Bill Moffatt of Owings, Md.:

Flash-flash, flash-flash, flash,

I'm doing sixty-seven

Flash-flash, his brights work

From Jan K. Broulik of Chevy Chase:

Ribbon free for all

Asphalt tie to shopping mall

Drive home packaged haul

From Mark Landesman of Rockville:

Rain falls in hard sheets

Guy goes 60 anyway

No humility

From Harold McCarthy of Dover, Del.:

Post is great paper

Levey column A-OK

But read while driving?

From Jane Millon of Bowie:

Copters bank and whirl


Passing on bad news

The final six were submitted by students at Elizabeth Seton High School.

From Bernie Baldwin of Upper Marlboro:

Middle of the night

Stillness, dark, fumes, frustration

I wish I had wings

From Alicia Roshann Ward of Northeast:

Hark! I see the lights

The pretty red and blue lights

Back to fifty-five!!

From Mary Morais of Fort Washington:

Late for school once more

Unmarked car stopped me again

How do I tell Dad?

From Pia Hamilton of Northwest:

Traffic moving slow

My watch reads half past seven

Cosby missed again

From Carla DeSimone of Takoma Park:

Down the ramp I go

Will he let me switch over?

Beeeeep . . . . BOOM! . . . . what a jerk!

From Elizabeth Freeland of Lanham:

Around and around

If only I had more time

. . . . and an Excedrin!