The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the Montgomery County Council. For more information, call 217-7900.

SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL FEE -- The council set a public hearing for June 19 to discuss a proposal to raise the disposal fee at the county's solid waste transfer station from $53 per ton to $61. The facility is the only county-run refuse site.

The increase, which would go into effect July 1, was recommended in County Exexcutive Sidney Kramer's fiscal 1991 budget request. The increase is intended to help meet the costs of a new incinerator and landfill that will be built in Dickerson, at a total projected cost of $305 million. The landfill is expected to open in 1993. The county will finance the facility from a variety of sources.

The hearing, which will be held at the Stella B. Werner Council Office Building at 100 Maryland Ave., will begin at 1:30 p.m.

BASEBALL IN D.C. -- The council introduced a resolution sponsored by member Rose Crenca, expressing council support for efforts to bring major league baseball back to Washington.

Crenca, who sponsored a similar resolution in 1985, said a new expression of support was needed because of recent developments such as the National League's plans to start two new teams.

She said that while a new stadium in downtown Baltimore for the American League's Orioles will make baseball games more accessible to fans in Washington, a National League franchise is desirable and should be encouraged.