Workshop to Promote Racial Understanding

The Afro-Asian Relations Council will conduct a daylong workshop from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday to promote communication and positive contact between the area's Asian and African American communities.

The workshop, which is free but limited to 25 participants, will deal with the history of Asians and African Americans in this country and explore attitudes held by each group about the other. Its goal is to resolve conflicts between the groups and forge a common agenda.

The rapid increase in the number of Asian merchants in economically depressed black neighborhoods has given rise to tension and occasional conflict between the groups.

The workshop will be in the fourth-floor conference room of the Institute for Policy Studies at 1601 Connecticut Ave. NW. Leading the session will be Margo Okazawa-Rey, an experienced trainer in cross-cultural workshops and anti-racism and anti-oppression workshops. Okazawa-Rey is an associate professor in the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences at San Francisco State University.

For information, call 727-5038. Advice on Using 911

The D.C. police department wants to get a message to the city's hearing-impaired residents: If you call 911 for help, don't hang up if no one answers right away.

The department says that a delay in answering due to other emergency calls may make hearing-impaired callers using a telephone device for the deaf (TDD) think they've failed to get through. In fact, police say, it sometimes takes a short time for the clerk who answers to begin communicating with the TDD terminal. Delays in dispatching emergency vehicles can result when callers hang up and redial.

For more information, hearing-impaired residents can call 727-9334. Free Breast Exams

The Senior Citizens Counseling and Delivery Service is offering free breast examinations at a local hospital to District women 50 or older who haven't had an exam in at least two years.

To receive a voucher for an exam, call Bernice Spencer or Keyron Daniels at 678-5632. Parent Hot Line

The D.C. police department needs volunteers to operate a hot line for its Parent to Parent Program, which will provide referral and counseling services to help parents with family and community problems.

Volunteers must be parents and will be required to undergo a minimum of 40 hours of training. Those interested should call the department's Youth Division weekdays at 576-6748. New Probation Center

The Social Services Division of the D.C. Courts has opened a field unit at 1418 Good Hope Rd. SE to provide probation services to adults who live east of the Anacostia River and south of East Capitol Street. It is the fourth Social Services off-site assistance unit in the District.

The field unit will provide job readiness certification, detoxification placement, drug and alcohol abuse services, on-site urinalysis, counseling, tutoring, health services and health education. Those services allow probationers to comply with probation conditions.

There also is an on-site nursery staffed by local church and civic group volunteers.

For more information, call 879-1219.