The following were among actions taken at the May 10 meeting of the Prince George's County Board of Education. For more information, call 952-6005.

SUPERINTENDENT EVALUATION -- School board members criticized the Prince George's County Educators Association for distributing an evaluation questionnaire on Superintendent John A. Murphy, saying it is deceptive, a ploy to improve the union's image, politically motivated and set to coincide with a June 8 election in which teachers will determine union leadership.

The questionnaire, distributed to the county's 6,400 teachers, asks them to rate Murphy in 35 categories, including leadership and innovativeness.

The PGCEA faces opposition from the Prince George's County Federation of Teachers and from disgruntled union members who have criticized the PGCEA for what they call ineffective leadership.

According to school spokeswoman Bonnie Jenkins, board members said the questionnaire suggested that teachers would participate in the school board's evaluation of Murphy, when in fact only school board members are involved in the review.

The board initiated the evaluation after criticism that it had inadequately considered public opinion when it offered Murphy a 10-year contract earlier this spring.

Union leaders have said the questionnaire was intended to provide teacher input in the school board evaluation.