The following action was taken at a special May 24 meeting of the District of Columbia Board of Education. For more information, call 724-4289.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS -- The D.C. Board of Education agreed to close seven schools over the next three years as a cost-cutting measure -- a scaled-back plan devised after parents and community leaders objected vigorously to an earlier proposal to shut down 12 schools in the District.

School officials had hoped to save about $7 million annually in operating costs by closing 12 schools, but the savings will be considerably less under the new plan.

Slated for closing this summer are Hamilton Junior High in Trinidad, Bryan and Giddings elementary schools on Capitol Hill and Carver Elementary in Deanwood.

In June 1991, Langston Elementary in Shaw and Petworth Elementary in Petworth will shut down, followed a year later by the closing of Garnet-Patterson Junior High in Shaw.

The board decided against its earlier plan to also close five other schools: Evans Junior High School in Lincoln Heights, Gibbs and Goding elementary schools on Capitol Hill, Wilkinson Elementary School in Congress Heights and Woodridge Elementary School in Woodridge. However, the board voted to consider later whether other schools near Gibbs and Goding should be merged next summer.

The board's vote followed 10 community hearings on the closings, which were first proposed last year by a panel of civic leaders who studied the D.C. schools and concluded that the system was wasting millions of dollars by operating schools it did not need. The 12 schools originally selected to be closed have been underenrolled or are seriously delapidated.