In an age of coed everything, another area that was predominantly male has been penetrated by females -- football. There have been female students on the varsity football teams at Ballou and at Theodore Roosevelt in the District of Columbia. What is your opinion of coed athletics? Do you think that girls should be allowed to compete with boys in all sports?

Although some females are exceptionally good athletes, they should not be allowed to compete with males in sports. Most males have more physical body strength and are raised playing sports.

By nature, the male body can be built to greater strength than the female form. This gives the male a sizable advantage over the weaker female in any sport that requires the use of body strength. Males work out with weights to build their bodies while females exercise to to tone their bodies so the males have a larger muscle mass.

When a male is young, he is raised to play a sport, particularly football or basketball. This gives males another advantage because females usually start developing their athletic skills later in life.

Females are good against other females, but shouldn't compete against males in sports because the males would always have the advantage. KEVIN SIMMONS Northwestern

I think that all men and women are equal. I respect women the same as I respect men. But when it comes to full contact sports, I don't think women should compete with men.

First of all, since a woman is more fragile than a man, you wouldn't hit them as hard as a man. They might get hurt much more easily than a man. Then, as soon as a woman got hurt, the man would be told "Watch out, she's only a girl, not a man."

Second of all, the sport would not be as interesting as it is now, because the men would back off from hitting women. Then there would be the talk of sexual harassment -- that would also make a man back off from playing his hardest.

There's nothing wrong with girls participating in their own sports, but this is how I feel about coed sports. GREGORY AUSTIN Friendly

We are living in an era of equal rights for everyone, and I feel that a female has the right to play on her high school's football team. If she meets the qualifications specified and is able to do the job, she should be given the opportunity to participate.

A lot of people think that there are certain things that are not feminine and, certainly, football may be one of them, but it is all a matter of personal opinion. A person should not be discriminated against on the basis of their sex, or for any other reason for that matter.

As I stated before, this is an era of equal opportunity -- so why not cross the barriers and give females a chance? The females who will be part of their high school football team will face criticism, jeers and name calling because they are participating in something they enjoy and they are going against the flow. This is unfair, but they should not let it bother them becasue, one day, the world will open its eyes to equal opportunity for everyone. TaWANNA BERRY Oxon Hill

Girls should be allowed to compete with boys. Girls and boys should not have to have their own teams for school sports. Boys are always saying that they are better than girls at everything, and boys are the ones complaining about coed teams. But if they made it coed, then everyone could see that girls and boys are equal.

If the boys think that they are better than girls, they should have nothing to worry about. Having coed sports teams also gives girls a chance to prove themselves to everyone. I think that if girls want to play a sport and boys want to play the sport, sex shouldn't matter. They should just play the sport they want to play. SARA CONLEY Bowie

As a senior at an all-girl private high school, I was never in the position to compete with boys. The girls here did not sit back while boys aggressively expressed their opinions. On the other hand, we learned that we could do and achieve any and every thing we set out minds and hearts on. We have learned to "speak out."

In my opinion, if girls have the initiative and drive, they should be allowed to compete with boys. Coed athletics? Go for it! CHRISTINA FRONDOSO La Reine

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