University of Maryland police are investigating allegations that a 16-year-old girl may have been sexually assaulted in a College Park dormitory and that as many as 10 male students may have been involved.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, the girl, a Fairfax County high school student, was found nude and coated with shaving cream, calamine lotion and shampoo early May 13 in a seventh-floor bathroom of Denton Hall, a high-rise coed dormitory on the state's largest university campus.

She had been drinking and had passed out by the time she was discovered in the bathroom by two female students, according to the sources. They said the girl has told her parents and police that she does not recall exactly what took place.

University officials confirmed that campus police have been investigating "a possible sexual offense involving a juvenile" since last week. Police plan to turn their findings over to the Prince George's County state's attorney this morning , one source said late yesterday afternoon.

Police would not elaborate on their inquiry. Sources said investigators have interviewed 15 to 20 College Park students and other witnesses, who have recounted conflicting versions of the incident. The interviews have included two meetings with the girl and her parents, most recently during a 90-minute session Tuesday morning with a lawyer retained by the family.

"Our feeling is there was {sexual} activity," one source said. "To what extent and to whom it is attributable is unknown even at this point." The State's Attorney's Office is responsible for evaluating the evidence and deciding whether to seek indictments.

In an interview yesterday, the girl's mother said that she, her husband and her daughter wanted the state's attorney to consider the incident seriously. "We are extremely concerned it not be dropped because the evidence is conflicting," she said, adding that she feared the campus police could try to "protect the university."

The mother also said she and her husband were disturbed that the dorm lacked a "monitor or someone who should have gone for help during all that time."

According to sources, the girl told her parents that she planned to spend May 12, a Saturday night, at the home of a high school friend. Instead, she and two friends went to College Park to visit a male student acquainted with one of the other girls.

Early the next morning, she was found unconscious in the bathroom. The incident was reported to campus police that Monday morning by a man identifying himself only as the father of a female resident of the dorm.

The girl's parents learned of the incident two days later, after a high school guidance counselor telephoned to say that she had skipped school for two days and that rumors were circulating of a sexual incident at the university.

Denton is an eight-story building that houses 511 students, primarily freshmen and sophomores. It is now closed for the summer.

Yesterday, Jan Davidson, the campus's associate director of residential life, said he had seen a report filed a week ago by the Denton community director mentioning the incident and noting that it was being investigated by campus police.

Patricia Mielke, the residential life director, said she was aware of the incident but would not discuss it. She said the campus sponsors workshops in dormitories throughout the year about sexual relations.

"It is an issue we are very concerned about all the time," she said. But she added that officials did not meet specifically with Denton residents after the assault allegations, because it was during final exam period.