Vienna Town Manager John H. Schoeberlein has proposed a $12.7 million budget for 1990-91 that calls for a real estate property tax rate of 29 cents per $100 of assessed value, a 1-cent increase over the 1989-90 rate.

The 1-cent increase would increase homeowners' tax bills by 12.58 percent because Vienna's 1990 property assessments averaged an increase of 9.77 percent over the 1989 assessments, Schoeberlein said.

For instance, the owner of a house valued at $200,000 who paid $560 in 1990 would owe $638 in 1991, an increase of $78.

"I'm being virtually taxed out of town," complained Vienna resident Joseph McGee, who said his property assessment increased 15 percent this year.

Also proposed are increases for motor vehicle license taxes, water and sewer rates and cigarette taxes.

Vehicle stickers would be raised from $15 and $20 to $20 and $25. Motorcycle stickers would increase from $8 to $10.50.

Water rates per 1,000 gallons would increase from $1.57 to $1.81 for in-town customers.

For out-of-town customers, water rates would rise from $1.95 to $2.19.

Sewer rates would be raised from $1.86 to $2.27 per 1,000 gallons for all customers.

This is the first increase in two years of the combined water and sewer rate, said the town manager.

For example, a house in town with a combined water and sewer usage of 25,000 gallons per quarter would have an increased rate of $5.42 per month or approximately $65 a year.

Under the proposed budget, the town-levied cigarette tax would increase from 10 cents per pack to 15 cents.

An unforeseen expenditure for the town is higher landfill costs. Fairfax County, where the town dumps its trash, has raised its landfill fee from $24 per ton of trash to $43.

The town's budget provides for a fee of $40 per ton, but recycling by Vienna residents will keep the town within the budget, the town manager said. Alternative landfill options also are being investigated, said Mayor Charles A. Robinson.

"This is an increase over which we have no control," Robinson said. "We're trying to cut back in other areas to make {the budget} balance."

The town has allocated $157,000 for a 3 percent cost-of-living increase in salaries for town employees.

"We compete with other markets for town employees," said council member Robert B. Dix Jr. "If we don't {provide a cost-of-living increase} we could lose employees."

The budget sets aside $31,000 for the replacement of one of the town trash trucks through a three-year, lease-purchase plan.

Restoration of the historic Moorefield House has been budgeted at $7,500.

This figure is the final half of the matching funds required under a $25,000 state grant agreement.

Council member Robert W. Robinson urged the town to broaden its existing tax base to increase shrinking revenue.

"Money is tight," said council member Robinson. "There's a definite need for Vienna to look outside for an additional tax base."

A public hearing on the proposed fee increases is scheduled for the town council meeting on Monday.