A Bowie High School senior who was expelled last week for using a sexually explicit slur in the school's 1990 yearbook was allowed to participate in yesterday's graduation ceremony after a judge granted an injunction against the expulsion.

The student was expelled May 24 after school officials discovered the slur describing his female peers in a caption near his senior portrait. The yearbook adviser, Donald Watson, was suspended without pay after officials found two senior portraits underscored by racial slurs or obscene remarks that were spelled backward or irregularly spaced. The two students who submitted those remarks were also expelled Wednesday and barred from taking part in the graduation ceremony.

Calvert County Judge Thomas A. Rymer, who was assigned to hear the case in Prince George's County, issued an order allowing the student who was responsible for the sexually explicit remark to graduate, saying it was not the student's fault that the remark was published.

Another expelled student unsuccessfully sought a similar injunction this week. In that case, the student was promised his diploma on the condition that he stay away from yesterday's graduation ceremony. The third student had not completed his high school requirements when he was expelled, school officials said.